Business Plan For New Beginnings

New Beginnings is what I am calling a social experiment that is aimed at keeping a homeless family together rather than encouraging the mother to reject the father and seek help from a broken welfare state that is only interested in keeping the program going through participation.

Research has shown that a child without both parents in his or her life is more likely to have a criminal record, use drugs, and be unable to keep a job.

On the other hand, a child who has both parents in his or her life showing through example who to work and provide for his or her family tend to had a better education and be much more stable in their home life.

This model is intended to help break the chain of generational Welfare use and offer a stable home environment for the children while their parents are motivated to kick the drug and alcohol habits that got them in trouble in the first place.

But to make this program a reality, we are going to need a house to work out of and qualified councilors to help the participants along the way.

The Rules Of The House

The rules of the project are simple. No Drugs or Alcohol use for any reason. The family must show an effort to save money to get out on their own. They are required to pay rent once they have an income. As I said simple and straightforward.

Stage One “The Start Up Stage”

We are currently in the start up stage of this project. We are looking for benefactors who believe in the project enough to donate funds to buy the house. We are looking for volunteers to help the project run smoothly. We are also looking for people to sit on the Board of Directors. This is the stage where most good ideas burn out. But by God’s grace this of will not.

Stage Two “Logistics / Making Things Happen”

Once the Board of Directors is assembled and the first house is secure, it is time for people to learn about the program. It is at this point that we contact Share Vancouver and the local churches and food banks to network and try and fill the beds. We would also pay for air time one the Fish Radio station. After all if you don’t have people donating or using the program what good is it?

If you wish to get involved please contact Anthony Antolic @ 503-489-3274 or email

You can also visit our kick-start page

Staying Motivated

It has been over a month since I ran from the worst living situation I ever new. I am started to finally save money to get out on my own, but I am facing two problems. 

  1. Any where I go has to be on the bus line, so I can get to work.
  2. I have to have a room available to me when I have enough money saved.

These are simple issues to overcome but after not working for 8 months, my credit is destroyed and getting approval is going to be an issue. I am working as much as I can to pay off some of my creditors and make it easier to get approved. But that takes time. Credit Karma has been a God Send. Otherwise I would not know who to contact to arrange for payments.

With the cost of living in Vancouver Washington as high as it is, the only way I can afford even a one bedroom is with a roommate. So I have some obstacles to overcome. But with God’s grace I will. I am grateful for my friend Brianna and her family taking me in. But I must find my own way.

My motivation is that I need to have someone to take care of besides myself. Brianna taking me in, has inspired me to do the same with others. Brianna has brought people in to her home to help them get back on their feet, for as long as I have known her. I feel like I must do the same.

There are Oxford houses for Men and Women separately, but few places take in families. In fact a single mother can get housing far easier than if Dad is in the picture. This fact has broken up families that would have otherwise stayed together. It is my vision to help families get on their feet and even in a position where they can return the favor.

Each occupant of the house would be required to pay rent according to their income and show proof that they are saving money to find a place of their own, once a pay period. We would do this to help them to their feet.

Bitcoin and other Cryptos may be the key to freedom.

Inflation is not more than a tax on the people that is pushed on us by opression of government. Crypto-curencies work by the agreement of the community who uses them. The value of Bitcoin for example is truly based on the rules of supply and demand.

The community published only a set amount of the Bitcoin currency and the value is based on how much of it is in circulation. Bitcoin numbers are software that clarifies transactions and make a percentage of the transaction. Basically the power of money is given back to the people and taken away from government, as it should be.

As I write this post my phone is mining for Bitcoin. In effect miners have taken over the role of government. Of course this is met with opposition from people who depend on government resources that depend on taxes. Because No one controls this web based economy no one can regulate it, meaning no government can tax it.

As more people choose this alternative currency less resources the governments of the world have to give out. This will result in a last ditch effort to raise taxes on those who are still using the governments currency and ultimately failure of government infrastructures for lack of funds.

As a result of the writing on the wall, propaganda has been put out trying to scare Bitcoin users into avoiding it all together. But the truth is people started using Bitcoin due to a lack of confidence in their own government currency. That faith is not easily earned back. In the meantime, those of us who are onboard will by sell and trade without the government’s consent.

The Enemy At The Gate Is Becoming a Graphic Novel

As the story unfolds in our blog it is becoming clear that the Graphic story should become a printed work. I have enjoyed creating the blog but I feel it must grow as we all should if we are going to continue.

When I had Kansa in my life, I was not growing and neither was she. I have seen many changes for the better recently do to my need to continue to live. If Enemy at the Gate is going to go to the next level the medium needs to expand.

I work too much

In April, Kansa would be gone now for a year. Yet it feels like it just happened. The violent end to my life as I knew it and the start of a long train of self-destructive behavior on my part.

I put in as many hours at work as I do to push off the thoughts of suicide that race through my head. When I lost Kansa I lost my identity as her provider and I failed as her protector. Living with the guilt has not been easy.

Last night I had a dream where Kansa told me to find the happiness I deserve. She told me that right before the car got hit and the love of my life died in my arms.

The police said the other driver was drunk and there was nothing that I could do as the driver to prevent the accident, but my doctors had told me that because of my failing vision that I shouldn’t be driving, for years. The guilt has destroyed me for this was my first Christmas without Kansa. I find myself looking for anything that would keep my mind off of it. God help me.

An Explanation for Anarchy Empowered.

I had someone object to renting a room to me because my screen name is Anarchy Empowered on Google. Well let me explain the name.

Jesus the Christ is the most famous anarchist. Every miricle that is recorded in the Bible was preformed of the Sabbath for the benefit if the Jewish government officals known as the Pharisees and Sadducees that made up the Sanhedrin. The act had people questioning the ruling authory of these men. This fact got the Son of Man killed. I ran a magazine that was dedicated to teaching the Gospel to those who could care less about Jesus’s message.

True Anarchy has nothing to do with violance. A true Anarchist questions the establusted authoriy hoping to promote change in the hearts of those in power. Ignorace and sloffullness promotes violance. The statagy of a true anarchist is to sit back and watch the mistake being made and then say “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and watch as only 300 years later the Roman Empire began to fail (Matt 22:20-22). 

This same Scripture also proves that Jesus never paid taxes other wise the disciples would have not had to ask Jesus if he did, for the spent every day for three years with him. In stead Jesus tells Peter to go and find some coins and pay the tax so as not to offend. The truth was why would Jesus pay tything to himself.

The authorities of Jesus’s day attempted to trap him in everything he did and Jesus would answer them say “you don’t seek a doctor if you are not sick.” Jesus was not not warrior that the Zealots wanted, but the turn Messiah fit because he up set the established doctrines enough that people were free to reject the opression of both Rome and the Sanhedrin.

Chapter 1 Origins

After pleading with the Jews for a lesser sentence, Punches Pilot, the Roman perfect ordered the man they called Jesus to death by the cross. He washed his hands of the dead telling the people that the blood of an innocent will be on the hands of the mob.

After Pilot sentenced Jesus to death, the hatred of the people and the malice of the Roman occupation was felt in the streets as the Roman presence marched the perfect sacrifice to the alter of the final offer.

My father who was called  Longinus was enlisted in the armies of Rome as secondary support because he was born blind and combat wouldn’t have ever been the place for him. Longinus’s job was that of a Quarter Master. 

He tended the weapons for his unit, making sure that the swords and other gear were in good repair. My father was happy to serve Rome but the rest of his unit would make fun of him. They would tell Longinus that you can’t call yourself a soldier until you made your first kill. This taunting hurt Longinus deeply for if he was not a soldier then who was he?

Because the Jewish people are extremely lazy on the Sabbath, the condemned would have their legs broken to quicken the suffocating so they could be taken down from the crosses. But when Longinus went to break Jesus’s legs he saw that he was already dead.

My father told his commander that he was already dead and the it is much easier to take him off the cross with his legs intact, so his Superior took a sport and handed it to Longinus. He told him, “You call yourself a soldier earn the right to do so.”

Longinus took the pointed iron rod and thrusted Jesus’s side. Christ’s blood sprayed Longinus’s face healing my father’s eyes. If my father had any doubt as to who Jesus is it left with that moment.

Later that night an angle of the Lord visited Longinus. The angel told Longinus that he would live to see the return of Jesus to this Earth. Many times over the centuries the same angle has come to visit my father, each time to warn him that it was time to move and reinvent his life.

For the past 2017 years, Longinus has lived by several rules to protect himself from the mindless superstitions of the ages. First to keep others from getting suspicious of his age my father would avoid an likeness of him being produced. No sketches, carvings, paintings or photographs have ever existed of my father or his descendants.

After hundreds of times reinventing his life, Longinus Adrian Tempus became known as Bail. Bail settled in on the small island of Corsica, where he was born. Every 40 years or so he would leave for another hundred years. 

My father was warned by the angle who visits him that he would live to see the second coming of Christ.

Rebuilding my life

Got my first paycheck today, only $74.00. But it is a start. When I ran out I only had one pair of underwear. It felt good in provide for myself. Darlene took that away from me to make me feel like I needed her.

Monday I want open a bank account and start direct deposit from work. Friends have taken me in so I can get back on my feet. But I may have found a more permanent place to stay. Time will tell.

A week has passed and I couldn’t open a bank account do to the crap the Darlene put me through. So I have a prepaid card that lets me take direct deposit. In the meantime saving money seem to be on hold until after Christmas. I hate the gift thing.

I need to discipline myself to not spend the money I save. Finding and apartment that will take me is my first goal. In the meantime, I have started to write again. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

The Myth of Adrian

Christian legend has it that Longinus was a blind Roman centurion who thrust the spear into Christ’s side at the crucifixion. Some of Jesus’s blood fell upon his eyes and he was healed. Upon this miracle Longinus believed in Jesus. Longinus was also visited the same night by an Angle of God.

The Angle Mike told Longinus that he would live to see the return of Jesus to this Earth. 2017 years later Longinus has had to go by many names and move many times, to avoid the wraff of primitive superstitions.

When my father met my mother he was going by the name Adrian. As the blood of the lamb sprayed his face, Adrian was cursed to walk the earth until Christ would return. His vision returned but with a supernatural clarity. He is able to see into the hearts of Men. He has been changed with the task of keeping the sinful nature of Man in check by drinking the blood of a dark soul. As long as Adrian walks in righteousness and never feeds on the blood of an innocent, he can walk in the daylight.
Still his offspring must choose their own path. Adrian must feed on the blood of Satan’s fallen to keep up his strength. So he is thought to be the first Vampire.