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Letting Go

Today I had Kansa’s backpack get stolen. At first I thought I misplaced it. I looked everywhere that I could have lost it and nothing. It was the last physical objects the tied me to my deceased wife. After a while I felt a calm over me and a need to just let it go. Kansa was never coming back. It was time to get a new pack anyway.

We all hold on to things that have some kind of important meaning in our lives. But are those things holding us back from fulfilling our potential?

A Beacon Of Hope For A Broken Soldier

After I lost Kansa and Darlene turned out to be a mistake, I had all but given up on finding a companion to go through life with.

My life had become meaning less. All I would do is go to work and sleep and nothing in between. Then one day I came across an ad from a woman who like me had to look forward to rebuilding her life. I thought to myself “this is a woman who would understand my trials and ever become a friend along the way.

Wrong turns down life’s path have us both imprisoned by our circumstances, but I look at her picture and into her eyes and I see in her an innocence that I have not seen in myself for over a generation.

Could this angle be the last hope for a Veterain of conflict’s past? I am praying that I could put aside my past doings and finally embrace a future with someone at my side.

Is this Bitcoin Miner app just another scam?

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I have not yet gotten enough satoshi from the app to cash out and at the current value of Bitcoin it almost seems to good to be true. But if it is real, Antolic Enterprises would be buying our first house for New Beginnings and many lives could change forever.

By no means am I looking for some get rich quick, but it would be nice to be able to pay some bills. However there are a lot of scams out there. So I am careful to read the reviews before installing the app.

One thing that I look for is fees. I want to see some way beyond advertising to pay for the server that is creating the Bitcoin. Otherwise all the app is doing is advertising and that means it probably doesn’t mine for Bitcoin.

We All Make Our Choices

Someone asked me, “how did you get out of the worst relationship of your life?” After explaining that I made a choice to potentially be homeless to get free, I also realized that it was my choices that created the position that I was in, in the first place.

We must always acknowledge our God given intellect and free will when looking back on our lives. Jojo is a mother of three. Her choice of life style currently has her homeless. New Beginnings is months away from opening the first house, otherwise I would have offered her a room.

I met Jojo on the bus the day she was released after 30 days in jail. Once again her choices had direct consequences. She blamed the man she was with at the time, but it has her choice to be with him. My choices wound up putting me out on the street if it was not the Steiners taking me in.

I was the one who brought in a roommate who never paid any rent or got on the lease. I was the one who called Darlene in the first place because I am so afraid of living alone. I didn’t consider that we never got along in the first place.

It is choices like these that have people end up being homeless. Everything we do has it’s consequences.

Three Weeks Without Food

Almost three weeks ago my pay schedule changed from weekly to biweekly. I was not prepared for this and when I learned of it, I thought I could go and apply for foodstamps. But because of my income they could not help me.

So for the past week and a half I have been without food. I have been living on scraps and Top Ronin. A man can live for 5 days without food. So I budgeted out to eat every three days.

Since then I have been paid and was able to make the adjustments needed to make my food budget stretch. Much of the problem came from my living paycheck to paycheck and not discipling myself to save. Now I save every paycheck and have been and believe I will be fine.

There Are Still Good People Out There

The New Beginnings Business Plan was inspired by events that have happened in my life. Let me give you a little back story before I get too deep into this. When I was nine years old I found myself on the streets as a run-away. It did not last long, I was just a foolish kids throwing a tantrum.

But I learned some valuable lessons while I was out there. First the kids that are out there don’t always run away. In fact many of them don’t have any where to turn. If they seek help, they could end up in the same spot that was never safe in the first place, back with their abusive parents. 

The current landscape of government intervention in regards to child protection has it that the reunion of the family takes priority over the safety of the child. When I was out on the street as a child, I met girl who because she was with me ended up in the custody of Child Protective Services and without doing any investigation, CPS put her back with her parents and a week later the girl was found beaten to death and disgarded in a near by dumpster.

After that experience at nine years old I decided to help displaced kids in such a way that they don’t need to seek help from a government that I believe should only be responsible for paying the roads and looking at the condition of some of the roads in Vancouver Washington: the local government has never truly justified it’s existence.

Second, I learned first hand much later in life how the Welfare State seeks to destroy the family unit and replace the father with Government assistance.

If you look in the background of the picture above, you see a car and a small trailer. It belongs to a young couple who have become homeless and have chosen to stay together. The couple did not want their pictures taken, but they said I could use their story.

On the other hand, many couples give in to the evils of the Welfare Trap and after the child is born the homeless mother breaks up with Dad to take advantage of the fact that now she is a single mom. 

Now a whole new relem of possibilities open up to her. Now she can get housing and other benefits that where not open to her before. This is why we don’t seek a lot of homeless families in Vancouver.

When I moved in with the Steiners, a couple with a daughter was also living there. Once talk of them having to move out began the mother started to look for reasons to break up with Dad. Now they are no longer a couple and the mother is going into housing, while Dad most likely will be homeless again.

As I said the system is designed to break up families. New Beginnings is meant to be a non-government alternative to breaking up the families. But for it to get off the ground donations are necessary. 

Another factor in the success of a child beyond the stability of having a father who is willing and able to provide for his offspring, is the child’s education. Taxpayers across the country are being taken for a ride when it comes the public indoctrination system that we call public schools.

One of the most noticeable offences on the part of the school districts across the nation is the miss allocation of funds that are meant to go towards the school’s free lunch program.

The Evergreen School District in Vancouver Washington has reduced the food portions to inhumane sizes just to save a buck. I am not nor will I ever be a fan of public schools in the first place: but when a friend’s child sent her a picture of a school lunch that my taxes and yours are paying for through government enforcement of theft if resources, I got pissed!

The free lunch program is the last thing that should ever be cut because like it or not the kids we are feeding are the future of our country’s success. Keep in mind that one day these kids will be feeding you in your old age. How would you feel if you were give five Tater and three children nugets and it may just be the only meal that you will get that day.

It is one thing if an adult doesn’t budget for food in a pay cycle. Let the idiots starve but children have no control over how money is being spent and should not be punished for how an adult is too irresponsible to handle money.

If I had my way public schools would not exist! It should be up to mom and Dad to educate their offspring. But as it is the governments of this sovereignty have taken on the task of raising our children enforced by laws that I just will never acknowledge. As a result they are accountable of any child that starves under their care. 

Let this be a wake up call to any and all parents who entrust their children to a government institution for any period of time during the day. For the most part people are decent and want to do the right thing. Please take these things to heart and become an instrument of change for the better.

I have talked about Daddy D’s and Donny Vercher over the years. This is a man who took the lowest point of his life and turned it into an opportunity to become known throughout Vancouver Washington as the best BBQ in the North West. His success comes from how he treats his costumers far beyond the amazing taste of his food. We as humans have a responsibility to treat each other well and along the way we may find our rewards.

A Daily Struggle Has Been Faced With One More Set Back.

For a while now I have been using foodstamps to buy my food. But I realized that having the safety net has only made it so I am not as responsible for my money as I should be. God made it possible for me to have this job: therefore, I should think of the resources that come from going to work every day should be treated like a gift.

Over the past few weeks I have not had food to eat, at least not more than scraps. I was relieved at the end of the month because my food stamps would finally put food on my plate. But the day came and went that the money would have been put on my EBT or SNAP card and nothing was added. I was screwed!

I had already put all of my money into bills and was counting on the money that I was stealing from the American tax payer to get me through till the next paycheck. “OMG, what am I going to do now?”

“The Enemy at the Gate,” is not popular enough yet to generate an income and the company blog has not been monetized yet, what’s next? I work full-time and have a steady stream of income, but I have not made good choices with my money. At first I was going to call and find out why I was cut off, but I knew why.

I had not told the foodstamps people that I finally got a job. I guess I wanted to get on my feet before they took the benefit away. But I never took the chance to improve my financial position.

A few months ago I left a terrible living situation and was taken in by the Steiners, who own and operate Edumacated Redneck Repair out of their home, who’s primary work comes from Dog Paws.

Dog Paws is a non-profit organization that maintains many of the off leash dog parks in the in the Vancouver Washington area. The Steiners gave me work with Dog Paws when I was looking for a full time job. Like I said I have had opportunity to do better but I had to make the choice to do so.

There are many companies in Vancouver Washington that are willing to help people start over. I am currently working for Smak Plastics. This locally owned factory opens its doors to anyone who is willing to come to work every day.

I walk home from work every day only this time I listed to Stephan’s podcast. Anyway It is 2:00 AM and I need to get some sleep. I have until Thursday to wonder where my food is coming from. This is one of the reasons that I want to start New Beginnings.

What Is Your Greatest Fear?

Last night a special friend asked me if I was afraid of anything. I said that I was afraid of dying alone but there is so much more to it than what is on the surface. 

Before I lost Kansa, I was really sick. Arrested breathing, uncontrollable coughing, vomiting my own blood, was a daily thing. Sometimes even hourly. The other day I woke up in a pool of my own blood and two things popped into my head.

First, I had to clean up the mess.

Second, who would miss me if I died in my sleep?

I am afraid of living alone because, I have a real fear of passing in my sleep and no even noticing that I am gone. Last year I came close to seeing the other side many times. Twice Kansa woke me up before I could drowned in my own blood. 

I am scared that the monster I beat a year ago will return and no one would care enough to remember me.  The last thing I want is for someone to find my wroughten corpse in some random apartment.

With Kansa gone I have no one to comfort me through the seizures and vomiting. I am afraid of being alone. Friends that will stick by you when things get bad are hard to come by. It would be nice to find someone that wants to be in my life through everything.

Business Plan For New Beginnings

New Beginnings is what I am calling a social experiment that is aimed at keeping a homeless family together rather than encouraging the mother to reject the father and seek help from a broken welfare state that is only interested in keeping the program going through participation. 

Unlike the Welfare State which is designed to keep the participants in the system and encourage the next generation to get trapped in the system as well: New Beginning is designed to be a step up. Once a house is established the tenants have two months to find employment. Each parent takes turns watching the other children so the parents can go to work.

We are currently seeing the results of the first daycare generation manifest in the workplace and what is being seen in not good. The subjects seem to think that the world owes them something. As a result they never learned how to work. Of course they didn’t, teaching your child a tradebis the role of the father and not some government subsidies from the Welfare State.

Research has shown that a child without both parents in his or her life is more likely to have a criminal record, use drugs, and be unable to keep a job. 

On the other hand, a child who has both parents in his or her life showing through example how to work and provide for his or her family tend to have a better education and be much more stable in their home life.

This model is intended to help break the chain of generational Welfare use and offer a stable home environment for the children while their parents are motivated to kick the drug and alcohol habits that got them in trouble in the first place. 

But to make this program a reality, we are going to need a house to work out of and qualified councilors to help the participants along the way.

The Rules Of The House

The rules of the project are simple. No Drugs or Alcohol use for any reason. The family must show an effort to save money to get out on their own. They are required to pay rent once they have an income. As I said simple and straightforward.

Stage One “The Start Up Stage”

We are currently in the start up stage of this project. We are looking for benefactors who believe in the project enough to donate funds to buy the house. We are looking for volunteers to help the project run smoothly. We are also looking for people to sit on the Board of Directors. This is the stage where most good ideas burn out. But by God’s grace this of will not.

Stage Two “Logistics / Making Things Happen”

Once the Board of Directors is assembled and the first house is secure, it is time for people to learn about the program. It is at this point that we contact Share Vancouver and the local churches and food banks to network and try and fill the beds. We would also pay for air time one the Fish Radio station. After all if you don’t have people donating or using the program what good is it?

If you wish to get involved please contact Anthony Antolic @ 503-489-3274 or email