Who Is Antolic Enterprises?

To watch our video click here.

The link above is a brief inerduction to Antolic Enterprises. As I have said before. Our company is deeply rooted in our Christian faith. We do not believe in the government sanctioned theft that is disguised as Charity. Out of principle we earn the money that we need to operate. 

We never take the Tax breaks that the 501-c3 nonprofit qualifies for. Instead we keep jobs outside of our ministry and keep costs down to work better for our clients.

Our services are tailor made to meet the needs of the individual. We offer no paid positions with in the orginization. Instead we offer an exchange of knowledge and services for all who wish to participate in the program.

We do not affiliate ourselves with any private or government entities. So people can clearly see that our efforts are transparent to the public.

We found this program by selling outdoor sporting goods and our publications to the public. You can find our books on Amazon.

Our goal in the next decade is to have a branch of A.E. in every town in America to combat the Socialistic agenda and help create jobs my inspiring others to chace their dreams.

There is an old Mesopotamian saying that many many believe is in the Bible but I have never found it, that says: “if you give s man a fish you gerd him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you geed him for a life time.” This is our calling and we are hoping yours as well. We have multiple generations of Americans how are always looking for handouts, we have taken it on our selves to teach anyone who wishes to learn to become independent again.

In our online magazine titled “Endure to Live,” we talk about overcoming trials without running to the Taxpayers to pay for our upkeep. In both this blog and Endure we advertise our products to hopfully increase sales to keep this project going. You see the American Dream was never anout the handout, it is the belief that you can be more than you were born to be. But the truth is people seem to think that they are entitled to things because they go to work.

I am here to tell you that going to work is the minimum you should be doing.People want more than what they are worth.If you increase your value you become more saught after and you make more money.

By taking the lazy way out the American economy has failed. It is not up to the government to create jobs it is our responsibility to build our economy by creating opportunity on our local landscape. We put so much into trying to compete on a global scale that we loose sight of the fact that our local economy requires goods and services as well. These things we can produce, thus creating jobs.

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