I Finally Get To Defend My Thesis.

Please note: if you wish to fallow the dissertation process come back to this link. It will be updated with new video to answer questions as they come.

The separation of church and state or rather the infinitely bad misinterpretation of the First Amendment, helped inspire my Doctoral thesis titled “With God We Prosper, and Without Him We Fail!!!”. Trinity College of Theology in Dublin Ierland has agreed to let me defend this thesis with the internet. This is my first set of questions.

My first questions have been recieved well and only two days from Christmas I have two more questions to answer. I have more to answer but I only have 16 gigs to store video and upload, so I have to keep them small.

I love the idea of finishing my degree, but after all of these years what would I do with it? Who would take me seriously? 

In the time of my studies, I have surved to protect my country, lost my first wife, dicerned a vocation as a Roman Cathic Priest, and gotten remarried to a wonderful woman. I converted to the Mormon faith tradition before I met my wife, Kansa because of the reasons given in my dissertation. It may also be interesting to note that  I have even survived a bout with cancer, at least up to this point. Should the reveiw board award me with my degree, I would like to go to work for the FBI as an analyst.

In the meantime, I enjoy my job working in a warehouse in Portland with three other guys. I work a part-time job on the side to make ends meat and every one around me is concerned about my pushing too hard. 

They don’t need to worrie. I do let my self wide down. I paint to blow off steam.

My latest book, “From Hell To Eternity,” will be on the market tomorrow. It is the first part of a two part series call, “Endure To Live”. As you can see my mind and body are always going. After all Saint Paul tells us in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10; “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat,” what this verse means to me is that accepting government assistance at all is a sin. Those who choose not to work should not be given charity for they are merly parasites on society and should be aloud to stsrve if they don’t wish to contribute, thus the words “should not eat.” Just incase you were woundering, I am always tiered. I sleep two hours every night. No more than that and I put in 22 hour work days. I also hold everyone around me to the same standards.

Here are the answers to the second questions…

I fund my studies buy selling millitary surplus to those who would appreciate it. I have never asked for any grants or loans that I could not pay off.

The review board had one more question for me,”why did you leave the Catholic church?” This video was my answer. I hope they don’t take my answer personally.

Below is the full video

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