What is our Ministry?

As I said before, Antolic Enterprises may as well be called Anarchy Empowered. The reason being that we work to educate people and inspire them to trust in their own God given gifts to make it through life instead of asking for handout from a government that wants to take of over our lives.

When I was 10 years old my family came to America for the first the to my recollection. I am an American but I spent my childhood growing up in  the European Command. My father tried to make a living as a civilian, but cooks don’t have a demand when everyone under the sun is going to culinary schools because they are promised jobs. 

Well in 1983 the market was saturated and while jobs were out there, my father made more money being paid for his rank rather than his job.

The experience opened my eyes. If you are dependant on the demands for your skill set rather than your potential, you are a slave to our culture. This is why people tend to think it is up to the government to create jobs.

I contend that if the government stopped over regulating what color you are supposed to crap, our economy well improve. I mean think about it, in America nowadays, you need a license or a degree for everything. Even a fastfood worker has to pay the state for a test that says he or she can work in the industry.

What we are here to do is inspire people to think outside the box the our culture puts you in. Is America the land of opportunity or the land of bureaucratic red tape? A few years ago I watched a homeless man get arrested for trying to sell bottled water without a business license, rather than asking for handouts. Could this be one of the reasons the panhandling is such a problem? 

Once again government regulating has put a stopper on the freemarket and impeded on a Man’s right to make a living. If the homeless man was allowed to operate his water stand he may have found other ways to generate an honest living and become a productive member of society.

To empower Anrchy is to reduce government in our lives and strengthen our economy by encouragung people to market their personal talents that God gave them. To do so would reduce the need for welfare and encourage people to become self-reliant and better educated.

The problem is that most Americans feel that they have to work for others.As a result an educator with a Masters might start out making $10.00 an hour, due to a lack of demand.

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