The Say We Are Why We Eat.

My wife and I eat a simple diet that consists if basic foods, such as meat, carrots, onions and potatoes. We don’t go all out with anything extravagant, so it would stand to reason that if we are what we eat and we don’t care too much for fancy foods, that we would expect the people we work with to be down to earth and honest hard working people as well.

We don’t try and deceive anyone. Convercly we try to treat others that we come in contact with with the same respect and dignaty that we would want to be treated with.

Kansa and I do not operate a storefront or have a Wharehouse to store product. We are dropshipers and the money a large portion of the revenue that we mke gose to support local charities like Share Vancouver, The Uniin Gospel Mission, and Legacy Healthcare’s Cancer Research program, at least that is the goal. We have had many financial set backs with putting up the new website due to our own health issues this last year.

However the last website I set up taught me to take it slow and do it right the first time. We are not going to have some of the products on this site that we did with the upstore, because they just did not move. 

Like I said, we are meat and potatoes people. Thus this website is going to reflect that. We are not going to carry anything that is not esental for urban survival or enjoying the outdoors. 

We Antolic Enterprises, however is dedicated to furthering the knowledge of the individual who visits , thus we are always looking for independent Authors to promote on our blog. If you have a book to sell tell us about it and we well feture if on our blog.

We do however do have several requirements for the book to be listed. I would suggest that you girst read our requirements page before you submit your book. We are a Christian Orginization and those standards will be upheld.

Requirements Page

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