I am always studying.

While reaching for my health, I came across a movement on the internet that was both foolish and arrogant in my eyes. You see I personally have O- for my Blood-type.

I was offended at first by the implementation that I was not completely genetically human in the eyes of the Author’s of this propaganda. But than I noticed that there is a pattern that emerged if you look at who is putting out the fake and missleading information that seemed to be designed to make the Author’s seem smarter than they are. 

The people who perpetuate the idea that Rh- Bloodlines should not exist on this planet are almost alway filming their or writing their hack-craft from some trailer park in the Southern states of the USA. 

I founded Antolic Enterprises on the concept of finding the truth and only publishing if each fact is checked. At the beginning of this video, Greg tells us that there are 3 blood types in the human genome, when in fact their are four. Greg left out the blood type “AB.” His mistake made me made and I started to check his facts this viedo is what I came up with. I think it may be interesting to note that my health has improved after i started eating according to the demands of my blood type. You see I was told I have cancer and I wanted to live. 

I talk more on this in the “Endure To Live,” series. Enjoy the video.

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