Tax Day At The Library

Last year and every year before, Kansa and I have been ripped off by crooked accounting firms and so-called Tax professionals. Today we tried something new, just as A.E. has under gone a lot of major changes as a company, from dropping the sales of outdoor gear in favor of focusing on our education ministry to starting to sell the books of independent Christian authors, Kansa and I have also had to under go our own metamorphosis as individuals.

God and faith have and always will be the center of our work. When I got sick we had to look at ways to remove overhead and still stay operational. The accountants who volunteered to help people file their unconstitutional taxes report to help them comply with liberal oppression, were swamped: so Kansa and I filed on online. I must say it never fails to amaze me how scared the new Rome has her citizens. Most people do know that the instatement of income taxation has always been a contradiction to the vision of our founding fathers, yet they do it out of fear of the consequences.

This compliant attiude will send America into the deepest reaches of Hell and the Devil already knows the names of every lazy liberal scum who ever will walk the Earth, after all, they were the third of Heaven’s host who joined Lucifer in his insurrection.

Needless to say we ran out of time and we decided to go home and finish the senseless task of giving the government a justifiable reason not to fire some worthless bureaucrat. It never made any sense to me that the government already has the information they request during this time of year because our employers send them the data every quarter: so why are we still require to give them the same information? It must be to justify the salary of a group of paper pushers. 

At any rate Jesus told his disciples to “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s”(Mark 12:17), most theologians who sold out to the established athority of their day would tell you that he meant pay your taxes and abide by the law. However, is under a week after he said this Rome put him on a cross.

The events after Jesus had been put in the tumb would set the universe in motion and in less than 30 years Rome had a new religion that would lead to her ultimate down fall. Now think about what Christ meant when he said “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s!” 

We must remember that the Jewish culture was never peaceful. In fact when you read about Jesus saying turn the other cheek, you may want to remember that the slap in the face even today is meant to be a challenge. Jesus never said just walk away, in fact he say that you must look your enemy in the eye again to offer him the other cheek. In other verses he is reported to say that if a man steels from you offer the rest to him.

If you remember in the Old Testament a common Jewish strategy was to invite the enemy to a party held in his honor and while his soldiers were drunk the enemy would be slane. We must look at the culture in which the scriptures were written in order to get to correct picture. You see turn the other cheek nowadays means be spineless and just let your enemy walk on you. But jesus was truely telling his followers to let the first one go but let him know that the next one would not be free. 

Liberals steel from the working class because most will let it happen in the name of government enforced theft disguised as charity. When in truth if more Christians knew what was truely being said in the book that they hold so dear, liberals would never get away with any of the stuff that happens today. 

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