Prople Never Cease To Amaze Me

This weekend I had an exchange with a man on a YouTube string about the Unconstitutional Inferior Court ruling on President Trump’s Immigration Bann.

The Liberal was claiming that I was advocating Donald Trump as America’s first King. Anyone that has ever read my work understands that not only am I anti government, I am in the most real sense of the word an Anarchist. I have seen the corruption of the democratic lie. Worse I have acted as the enforcement of Foreign Policy and know first hand how weak a manmade government is.

I wanted my readers to see this video and judge for your selves.

 The U.S. SUPREME COURT made a decision that was completely politically motivated and hade no Constitutional foundation. The problem that I have with the ruling is that I served with the 2nd Platoon of the 4th Company of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment. 

I enlisted before I was old enough to drive. I was too young to vote but I knew what I believed in. The values that I was raised to believe that the American flag represented was embodied in the 26 men who took me in and called me the Pup (Le chiot).

They took me under their wing and kept me alive long enough to fend for myself. At one point I saw these dedicated defenders of justice willingly give their lives so a group of American Operators could escape to finish their mission.

Tears still fill my eyes after over 20 years, but in telling this story, it is my hope that the immigration issue can be put in prospective. 

I am last last serviving member of the group who called ourselves the Missfits. We were a specialised group who was trained to get captured and use our knowledge of physics and engineering as well as our tactical expertise to help others escape from prision camps. 

Unfortunately we also got to learn first hand what goes on in those camps. During questioning my bones in my feet were broken repeatedly. They would let them heal only to hit them again with a tire iron.

The liberal talk about waterboarding as if it is wrong, trust me when I tell you that nothing the American Military does can compare to what goes on behind enemy lines of Bosnia, Iraq, or Afghanistan. My wife can attest to the endless fear that strikes me in my sleep.

On one mission I was released wirh halth a canteen of water two broken Shins and multiple fractures in the soles of my feet. I was made to walk on the burning sand with no shoes on my feet. I was thinking the desert would take me long before I met up with my unit.

In fact I was even praying to a God that I was not sure I could believe in, that he would take my life so the suffering wpuld be over. It never accured to me that Al-Qaeda’s objective was to let me lead them to my unit. As I crawled over the ridger to have the first glimps of my unit, a swarm of American Stinger Missiles that was probably sold to Al-Qaeda by the Clintons hit the ground. I am talking about 100% collateral damage, there were no survivors.

Theses are the people that President Trump is trying to protect us from. He should just send all the Liberals to the middle East, so they can join some Jihad. That way I can do the world a favor and kill them all. All kidding aside there has never been more treasonous activity by the left in my life time, than I have seen since Trump being elected.

I can’t figure out why the Patriot Act is considered constitutional when Trump’s executive order is not.Trump’s order says that the secretary of state should “prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.

Let me explain something to all the ignorant and naive that may be out there. When I came back to America from Iraq, the Patriot Act kept me from getting a job because I am called a potental domestict threat. I was a hired gun for the U.N. a sniper is never retired in the eyes of the Deparment of Home Land Scurety. So why is Trump’s order any different? The Patriot Act profiles people according to profession and acquaintances.

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