If you don’t want to work, Don’t Eat My FOOD!


For years I thought that I could help the homeless population in my area by trying to raise funds and distribute food and blankets to them. What I learned was I was only enabling a problem.

Every homeless person that I came accross had full benefits from the government and plenty of oprotunity to get off of the streets. But they veiw people that work much like the government-subsidized prostitutes do, that are featured in the YouTube like above.

The free education is aleeady in place that Left is always talking about increasing. Housing, Medical and Food benefits are also in place. But people are homeless for other reasons that the Left wing don’t like to admit too.

Housing has rules that most of the homeless population are not willing to follow unless it gets too cold and they are forced to do so. An addiction that is left untreated can get you kicked out of the program, for example.

You are required to bath regularly, which is thuoght of as an invasion of individual personal liberties. But the biggest inventive to stay out on the street is how most states distribute the benefits.

A homeless person can get the full amount of cash benefits for their classification, if they are living on the streets. The cash is intented to give them the oprotunity to get an appartment, so the amount varies from state-to-state according to the cost of living. 

If the Homeless person goes into a shelter the shelter has a right to potition the state for the cost of the individual’s up keep. That could mean that the cash balance on the card is depleted by the shelter, under the pretents of feeding clothing and offering a safe place for that month.

Unfortunately many shelters are not held accountable for this obligation after they get paid by the tax payer to take care of the individual. Because of the broken nature if the Homeless person, the shelter can easily kick the person out say that person left on his or her own freewill and has not been back, opening up a new oprotunity to scam more money from a new person. The shelter then pockets the money that was meant for the upkeep of the one individual that will not see any benefit from the taxpayer’s money for the month.

After realizing what had happened to his benefits, Mike, a Veit Nam vet decided to never go back to a shelter. Psychologically damaged, Mike has many challenges that keeps him from wanting to be around people. He is missing an arm making it clear that he is legitimately disabled, but after the Sherehouse took his money and kicked him out, he fell out to grid.

Now Mike a recipent of the purple heart award, and former Marine, is relying on his military training to servive. He is hunting rats and other small game and gathering as our anvestors did. He has even begun to teach others to do the same. He warns everyone to stay way from the shelters. The sad favt is the most emplyers will not look at an application with a po box for an address. You can get back on your feet without a job so this from of welfare fraud is hurting everyone. Something needs to be done.

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