We May Have A Way To Save You Gas Without Haveing To Buy A New Car.

The only truth that we can know for sure is that history is changed by those who are teaching it. If you asked me Obama finally leaving the Whitehouse was the first blessing that America has known in the last 8 years. If Hillary would have been aloud to win the office, I was already packed and ready to leave America renouncing my citizenship for good. After all bullets have made sure criminals like Hillary never make it to election day, why she was the exception I am not sure.

The same can be said for the Automotive Industry. The sad fact is that 120 year of the auto industry has not made any real advaced with the combustion engine. The catalytic converter was an unfortunate step back in automotive proformance. 
The hybrid electricl /combustion engine is not the eco frindly invention that the liberals want you to think. No one knows how to dispose of the batteries once they go bad. So Antolic Enterprise’s may have a simple answer that means you can expand your mileage between fill-ups, keep your old car and extend your old cars life.

We are calling it centrifical propulsion. The concept is based on Newton’s laws of motion. As you will see in the video link below.

We are still in the research and development stage of this project. Our hope is to partner with our local High schools and the Clark County Skill Center to get to prototype built.

I am also going to be to local shops about partnering with us during the development stage. Any car that we would put this device on would nolonger be street legal until testing is complete and it is approved by the Department of Transportation. As a result the vehicle would have to be towed to and from the test track.

My fear is that the public schools have no true interest in  the education of future American leaders. It is my belief that America must change this grim realty for our youth.

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