Our Slum Lord is Raising Our Rent Again. But We Don’t Care!

With mold blossoming from every nook and cranny, our health has gone down hill. I have the chance of the life time to change our outlook. I was so excited to hear that Trinity College of Theology was willing to pay for two round trip tickets, so Kansa could come with me this weekend for my interview.

This is a dream come true from Kansa, who has never been out of the country. But then reality set in. I started to think about all of the living expenses that whould come with moving to ierland. The college may put us up for a bit but what about medical? Both Kansa and I have major things that must be dealt with. 

Is it fear of such a major change or is it that we don’t have the money to make the move? LWO, where I work is paying me less than an Express Temp is making working for them. I could not believe that after a year my wage is the same as when I was working for Express but now the temps are making more than I am.

Kansa just pulled a letter from the property management services that handels our appartment and they are raising the rent another $65.00 for a mold infested appartment that gave me assma. 

Needless to say we need to move but only God knows how. Ierland doesn’t have the universal healthcare that the Liberal Ignorance seems to want. So Healthcare would not be available right away. For now I am just weighing options.

Kansa and I bought some land in Oklahoma, before we got married. We never thought it would be worth anything, but an oil company leased it from us. As as result I was able to quite my job and we are now moving out of our appartment.

There is no telling what kind of damamage the mould that Key Properties refuses to fix. Has done to our health in the long term. Yet they raised our rent twice in six months right after we signed a year long lease that has not been honored on their part, after all it is the land lord’s responsibility to maintain a safe living environment for the tenants.

At any rate, Kansa and I arived at Shannon at 4:15 this morning.  Trinity College sent a driver for us and she look us to the Hotel.

“Dr. Antolic I presume?” The young woman seemed surprised that my wife was with me.

“Yes and this is my lovely wife, Kansa.”

“It is a plesure to meet you both. My name is Faith and I will be one of your students. I came to retreive you and take you to the school.”

Kansa whspered in my ear, “I thought this was just a job interview?”

“Faith?” I inquired.

 “Yes Professor?”

“You are aware that I am just here for a job interview?” The girl laughed.

“My dear Proffessor, you are a card. You name is already printed on the syllabus for next term. Besides, Trinity payed for this trip, did they not? I look forward to studying under you Dr. Antolic. Few have a reputation such as yours in the feild of Occult studies.”

As we picked up our bags my wife and were thinking is this really happening. Only a few days ago I was driving a forklift at a lumber yard. I new from my book sales that people were seeing me as a creadable expert but this is happening so fast.

After about an hour long drive we got put up in the room we would stay in for the night and Faith drove us back in to town so I could talk to the Board of Faculty.

Sure enough Faith was right. After the introductions they only thing they wanted to dicuss was wages. After all this time the Ph. D at the end of my name means something. 

Well Kansa and I are both Jet lagged and we are going to go back to our room and sleep it off. Tomorrow we are going to start looking for some farm land. Like Justin said this is the start of a new life for us. 

Please note: If you live in Vancouver Washington, try and avoid renting from Key Property Management Services. You would be doing yourselves a fovor.

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