A True Need For A Change

Only a week ago, I was miserable. I felt like my friends had sold me out. No one was listening to me about my health needs and I was making less money than a fastfood worker. 

In my last post I told you about the start of my need for a charnge came when my wife lost her benefits because I was making too much money. We never saw any if that was the case. At any rate I was sick as a dog and most of the time the conditions at work had me getting sicker by the day.

Kansa told me that we needed to find other ways to support ourselves that did not have anything to do with the government. 

On another note President Trump talks for four minutes on YouTube and spends nothing, saying more on his Free media spot in four minute than Barack Hussein Obama was able to comunicate after spending millions of taxpayers dollars on media just to say and accomplish nothing.

The unfortunate reality is that democracy has its roots found in the group narrative. An exelant example is found in the moral decay of modern television.

Over the passed year I have seen first hand how the nature if mob rule can pull a country apart. People riot in the streets of the cities that they live in and are willing to loose their jobs over bipartisan party differences. 

We as a people need to look beyond political or geographically determined lines and realize that we have other forces at work here. You can mock if you want, but I believe that Satanism had a firm hand in the most recent election.

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