What Is America’s Problem??

If we take a long hard look at the 2016 presidential election, we should learn some valuable lessions. My wife and I are not in the states at this moment and the trurh is that unlike all the worthless celebrities who told the world that they would leave America if Trump won, we did.

America has several underlying problems that will not be fixed with an election. The first is the addiction to entitlements that spans generations. This is a problem that will be met with a great deal of resistance by those who do not wish to loose their share of the government enforced theft.

The theft is encouraged by the constant and systematic breaking down of basic morality at the cultural level by the power mongers that are known as the leftwing. You see it is a moral issue that pollarizes the common Amercan and enrages them to fighting in the streets and not a political issue.

The Mainstream Press made claims that the Anti-Trump riots were just peaceful demonstrations, yet a woman was hit over the head with a flag pole, bricks were thrown, garbage cans set on fire, looting and general mayhem is peaceful demonstrations. Seams like the mainstream press wanted to encourage a true life hunger games.

What few Americans realize is most of the TYT Riot footage is looped, masked and CGIed to make it worse than the Riots truly were. In fact the next video is supposed to be in DC yet the crowd is chanting in the English. Also Mainstream doesn’t tell you the trurh about European socialism.

The rest of the story.

It seems that America has lost sight of the one true anchor in life. It has never been up to the government to create jobs. In fact if the government just left people alone most of us e ould create our own jobs. 

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