Our First Sunday In Our New Home

Saint Ann’s is one of the most beautiful churches on the island of apples. Located on Dawson Street near Trinty Collage, it seemed like my Catholic roots were calling to me as her bells rang for morning prayer. 

Kansa was still a sleep and the clock read 5:00 I could not call Faith to give me a ride in it was just too early. I went down to the pub and to keep recognized me. 

“Dr. Antolic, are you needing a lift?” He asked as he took down chairs for the day.

“If you could manage it, that would be wonderful.”

“Not a problem, my name is Glenn, Faith is my sister. My bike is outside, here is a helmet. Where am I taking you?”

“Saint Ann’s and Thanks.” The two of us drove off and I main it to morning prayer for the first time in a decade.

In the meantime Kansa woke up and went down to the pub asking if anyone had seen me.

“Top of the Morn to ya Mis Kansa, your husband woke up with the bells and Glenn took him down to Saint Ann’s they will be back soon. Morning prayer is a long standing tradition.” Faith told Kansa as she counted the till.

“My brother Glenn is a fan of your husband’s show. I have never seen it myself but he come highly recommended as a teacher. I am looking forward to September when classes start.

“Thank you, I am sure Tony would like to know that.” Kansa told Faith as the to of them sat down to breakfast. State side Kansa never ate breakfasts but She did not want to offend our hosts.

“You are going house hunting after church, is that corect?”

“No Faith we honor the Sabbath, however we may go for a walk and if something catches my eye, Tony will stop.” The two women laughed.

Meanwhile I got caght up with some old friends and lost track of the time, talking about Antolic Enterprises and what we do or did. I still don’t know if I will have time for much in this new chapter of our lives onces school gets started.

“So your a book publisher now?” Mike a tall slender man, who shared more than one class with me in my youth, enquired.

“Not so much. More of a jack of all trades. I was working in a lumber mill before we moved her.

” I know you.” Sad a burly man sitting in a dark corrner. “You are Dr. Antolic from Anarchy Empowered. I love that show. You are more entertaining than Anonymous.” The big man slapped me on my back.and ordered a drink for me.

“Thank you, but I really must be going. The wife and I are looking to buy a house.” 

“Yes, and I am his ride. We will be back tomorrow.”

“If you are looking to make an offer,” the big guy who called himself Jack stoped me. “My wife wants to move into the city, it is not much but you would never be gome anyway. What do you say? At least take a look.” 

I agreed and Glenn went to fetch Kansa and Faith. Faith drove us to the farm. It was run down but everything I ever wanted.

By the way Trump was right.

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