We Bought The Farm

It may not look like much, but with more than enough land to feed my family and keep about 30 head of sheep and 10 goats for milk, we have all we need. 

I found an old spinning wheel in the attic and a loom to weave cloth to make clothing. We were lucky that this seasons crops have already been planted before Jack sold his farm to us.

Kansa wants to build a swimming pool at some point. The nice thing is that we have the right to make improvements to the land that we own.

Today is March 6th and September will come soon enough. I picked up a part time job working with Glenn at the Pub, to help pay for our up keep until September.

The fresh air has been a wonderful therapy for my Asma, that was one of the reasons I left LWO. Towards the end I could not climb a flight of stairs without having an attack.

Even Kansa has taken to waking before dawn to tend the livestock. I am going with Glenn and Faith to pick out a puppy for Kansa that would also lern to herd the sheep.

I love the mid evil kichen. I need to learn how to use it but other than running water and indoor plumming, we are living in the 1400’s. I love it.

It is only by the grace of our father in heaven that Kansa and I have been able to do any of this.

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