A Sunrise Took On A New Meaning Today.

Today I enjoyed the morning just sitting out on the porch. The sun’s rays cut by the branches of the trees along the Tims. Dublin is so beautiful this time of year.

Due to my eye sight, I am not driving and I am forced to humble myself to the will of others to get around. I never dreamed I would ever feel so helpless. September can’t come fast enough.

In the meantime I am working on my next book and feeling blessed that Kansa is here to help. Well at this moment she is still asleep but you got my drift.

I have wirten a few books on American politics and what I have learned more than anything is non of it is about politics. At the most basic level what the political friction is from, has more to do with the two side argument over what is right and what is wrong.

Theological Anthropology seems to be a paradox in the eyes of many, but once you realise that even Atheism is a form of Religion, you must reconsider that position. As I feel the breeze across my face and hear the birds cherping, I pounder what this next year is going to bring.

Most of my students have already met me and know what the class is going to be about because of my YouTude Channel call Anarchy Empowered or our blog that you are reading now. As a result they understand and struggling that Kansa and I have had to endure due to health issues.

So when I condem the Welfare State out of moral conviction, they understand that my wife and I can realate to why people feel they need it. But I also see first hand how Welfare has destoryed the lives of those who benefit from it.

As it stands I feared going to work as a forklift driver knowing rhat I am loosing my site. More time than not I would pick up my phone to call me employer to quit, only to put it down and end up going to work, knowing that everytime I got no that forklift I was  an endangerment to both myself and others.

My wife talked about applying for disability but I could not swallow my pride. Now I sit here and watch the sun give birth to a new day and try to keep my thaughts away from feeling worthless because my life has been turned upside down.

I start work in September and the comunity here has reached out to borh Kansa and I. The thaught of how I would feel if I hit someone with a forklift huants me even now.

Contemplating life has me wondering why liberals think their way of thinking is morally correct with all the reseach and news footage that is out there. Then I got a comment on a Facebook status that answerd my question. Liberals justify their stupdity by dissmising common sense as “Fake News.”

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