College was a waste of Time and Money.

Are we predestined by God to live the life that we have been given, or can we change what is written for us in the stars? My family could not afford to put me through school like many others. In fact it took me over 18 years to finish becouse I worked my way through.

I don’t agree with Stephan Mollyneux on thif one. My time in school taught me about the kind of man I am and want to become. The Leftwing Social Justice crap was never seen because of the kind of schools I chose to attend.

My first years in the Seminary I only had one woman in a Philosophy Class because she worked in the mailroom and took advantage of the free classes. What was even beter was everyone around me was Roman Catholic. The Leftwing stuff was unheard of.

When I transfered to Trinity College, we had more woman in the classes but the royalty of Europe don’t tend to agree with the progressive standards of most modern colleges. The defense between the colleges that Stephan talks about is simply the difference between perceptive realities.

At no point did I ever think that I was wasting my time or my money but rather I got to live the life I did, learning first-hand about the religious bigotry that divides the Ireland and the experience is something that every writer should hope for.

Now I have a chance to be called Dr. Antolic and provide an American prospective on the geopolitical economic landscape. So my answer to John Calvin’s argument about predestination is simply that I did have a chance to change my stars.

Do to transportation issues and the fact that modern technology alows classes to be recorded and accessible to anyone who truely wishes to learn, I do agree that Stephan has a valid point about spending the money on your education. These podcasts will not give the veiwer the prestige or saying but they went to the same school as Prince Henry or Prince Charles but I do hope that the education will be as high of quality.

I would like to point out that even my background in art is being used in my professional life. I started out my college experience with an intrest in art. Now I design all of my book covers an edit as well as animate my YouTube videos to promote this blog. So I cannot agree that Stephan has a valid point about art majors, but as I said before it may have more to do with the school you choose. The quality of education is directly proportional to the quality of people you choose to be around.

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