The Crime Scene

“This is it.” Glenn told me as we pulled up. “You can”t open the door Professor, one of us is going to have to do that from the outside.”
“It may sound like a cliche but I truely have.never been in the back of a police car before.” Captain Pike opened the door for me and I steped out of the car.

“I hope you can point us in the right direction. Dublin may be a large city but we don’t have to deal with this kind of thing often.” Captain Pike explained.

” I will do my best but all I can tell you is that a ritual is involved or not.”

“That is why you a here, my friend.” Glenn responed as he opened a door to an old cript.

“This is a bit like an Aleister Crowley nightmare.”

“That is why you are here, Professor.” The Captain reiterated.

“But that is my point. Crowley mad up things as he went along. He knew nothing about Ancient Traditions nor did he care. From my first glance these are not Occult activities, but rather some crack pot trying to make you think it is.”

“Well noted, but you will look further?” Glenn pleaded.

“My dear friend, that is why I am here.” We all laughed at the bad joke and entered into the crypt.

The dark crypt was not filled with stale air, indicating it had been opened recently. “Was the crypt opened before you got here?”

“This is exactly how we found it. But this tumb is highly trafficked due to who was buried here, people come from all over the world to visit this spot.” The statement puzzled me. Who’s crypt are we standing in?

I began to look around and found the name plate. “Arthur Griffith, 1872-1922! Is this a joke, we are stand in the tumb of the man who founded Sinn Fien.”

“Better than that my friend. Look around. All of the key players in ierish independence are here. The Cemetery was in danger of size reduced so all of these men and woman were moved here. They call this “the Hall of Freedom.” Glenn explained to me.

“I may have to amend my originally stated thesis. The Occult tends to draw power from places like this that hold strength of social consciousness.”

“So you are saying…?” Captain Pike interupted.

“I am saying this deserve deeper investigation.”

“We lost the daylight. Let’s come back in the morning.”

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