Antolic Familytree

Most people do their familytree and find something cool and stop there. However on one side of my family evidence of the past is distroyed or intentionally not recorded. The odd thing is on my Father’s side of the family my wife and I found plenty of evidence that I could be related to Vlad Tepes the 3rd. 

That’s right I said it. I have a direct blood line to Count Dracula. Yup meet my Grand Dad.Yes through a long chain of psychotic relatives, I am related to the one real life vampiric ruler of Transylvania. Is that where my fascination with the Occult comes from. These rhings have bwen rushing through my head while I go to talk to the CSI at the lab.

Dublin is a far cry from Romania but any time a community has more than one murder the population freaks.

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The reaction is justified in that the act is such a contradiction to the moral consciousness of the corrective that all of the human residual fight or flight responses go wild.

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