How Do We Empower?

Antolic Enterprise’s mission is to use the E.D.G.E. method to help give people the tools they will need to get off of Wellfare for good and become independent as possible.

So what is the E.D.G.E. method? For any of you who are or where ever Boy Scouts, you would rember this. The “E” stands for Educate. A.E.  educates others as we learn our selves.

What I mean is we ask people to write an article who may still be learning to read in English. We may hay someone draw a picture who never knew he or she could draw. The point is the adults that we are working with are learning. 

The picture may not be purfect and the article may be in need of some editing before the copy goes to print but they are learning.

“D” is for Demonstrate. After the article is written, another participant in our program will work with the Author to help him or her edit and proof the article. Only then does the piece go for final reveiw and get published if approved.

“G” is for Giude. Once the final appoval is made the Author of the article is then shown step by step how to publish the story on one of our blogs or how to arcive it for a book that A.E. publishes at the end of the year.

“E” stands for Empower.Once the challenged adult has the confidence to go and do it on his or her own, we give them more responsibility.

We pay $5.00 an article and each article gets one more person a little closer to what ever the definition of independent may be for that indevidual.

When I started Antolic Enterprises, I had just found out that I was going blind. I don’t believe in government so asking for help from the Tax payers was never an optoin. This program helps everyone.

Funding for group homes for autistic adults is always being cut. We eork to find ways for the truely disabled American to find his or her own way in this world. It got to the point where I could not write with out someone proofing my work.

Still others are fantastic artist both Visual and Musical. These are talants that would go to waste if the conventionally accepted model was still used. 

I teach via podcasts for a school on the other side of the world my eife and I bought a farm near the school and we will be moving before September. The last time I was in Ierland I go involved in a police investigation that I hope will be over before we get back. At any rate in is getting late and I need to get some sleep but at least I got a chance to talk about this wonderful vision. I am hoping others would share it. 

Antolic Enterprise’s mission has become my passion. I would love to pay them more but we are not government subsidized and what we do pay is through book sales or donations. One day I hope to change that so each participate is making royalties off of their own book.

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