Truth is Subjective

In between unpacking, getting ready for shcool and a murder investigation that I was never planning to be apart of I have been building the website for Anarchy Empowered’s website. I thought it would be easier to keep the business and magazine separate since I will be using video from the magazine to teach my class.

As I was going through A.E.’s messages I read one that got my attention. A YouTube user comented on a statement I made on the Whitehouse Channel.

I was told that the statment in the title is a contradiction due to the asolute nutaure of truth. This much is correct but when dealing with the human cultural paradigm, we must take into account the fact that each culture will define what truth is in a different manner.

We call this phenomenon, “perceptive reality.” Think about it if the outcome it the American revolution had a different outcome, the Sons of Liberty would have been hung for treason.

The Liberal who made the comment tried to trip my up by asking me to give examples.  I told her that one is eazy, just look at what was acceptable on television in 1950s versus what they play today. I went in to say that the acceptance of EBT cards in restaurants would have never hapened only 20 years ago.

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