Let Me Tell You About A.E.’s Empowerment Ministry.

I find myself in a wonderful position these days. I have bought our fist home that in its self is a working farm. I have a job that more than adiquitly pays for my families needs and a calling that is just incredible.

It is this calling that I want to talk about today. Antolic Enterprise’s Empowerment Ministry, is a wonderful way to bring volunteers and disabled Americans together to teach eachother.
You can signup as a participant at our Digital Magazine www.anarchyempowered.com

Volunteers are asked to proof read and edit content that is produced by autistic adults who have developmental issues. They may also be asked to help the author publish the approved article on anarchyempowered.com

We are hopeing that this ministry will grow into a community effort. Our program is designed to develope leaders and inspire confidence. In all members of the program. Both the Volunteers and the participants are meant to grow as a person and learn to manage adverse problems. The authors that we publish will earn $5.00 for the submition and posible royalties.

We are excited to launch the program come Christmas Time.

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