My Worst Fears Have Been Realized.

I got home from work on Friday of last week and diesel off only to be woken up by Kana’s voice calling me. At first I was extremely happy to know that she was out of the hospital. Then I went into the living room.

My wife was surrounded by her family who came to Dublin Ireland from Vancouver, Washington in the USA, to support Kansa’s discussion to file for a divorce. As I went to give my wife a long awaited kiss that was not returned, she told me that she was going to be staying with her mom for a while. At that point Kansa’s sisters broke away and began to raid our home. It was a well planned escape that the Benet woman seemed to have mastered. I was given the divorce decree as they left.

Over the last few days Kansa has dissolved and taken down Anarchy Empowered. Stolen a large some of money and closed all of our bank accounts and dismantled our e-commerce payment networks. 

Kansa has 4 sisters and a mother who have all been through a divorce. They are masters at revenge but all I ever did was Love Kansa. Why do I deserve this?

However, I have come to terms with her absence, lovingly missing her for the rest of my days.

My life had to change and hopefully I can change for the better. Kansa taking her name off the lease and giving me all kinds of personal things to work on means that I am on my own. I knew that my $740.00 a month is not going to pay the $765.00 that is my rent.

I bought in a roommate to split the cost of rent and to keep me sane during the transition.

One thought on “My Worst Fears Have Been Realized.

  1. People who file for divorce have hard hearts or they’re in abusive situations or they’re guilty of something they want to keep hidden. Everything in life is a test. Will you be the person that takes the high road or will you stoop to their level?


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