It is time to move on

Kansa was lost to me on April 6th 2017. She told me that she wanted me to be happy. Well my loosing my best friend and having my world collapse around me, put me into a tail spin.

I was in and out of the hospital for mental health issues more times than I could count, over the last eight months. But much of that was the way Darlene was treating me.

I was forced by circumstances to give up both my job and my apartment and move in with Darlene. Where I was getting grief for just being in the same room. I was already suicidal. She did not help.

As I said before it is time to move on. I will always love Kansa and Darlene showed me how I must have been while Kansa was in the hospital. I have no question as to why my marriage ended.

Darlene showed me first hand. Kansa would never becoming back but I learned how to be a better person.

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