Rebuilding my life

Got my first paycheck today, only $74.00. But it is a start. When I ran out I only had one pair of underwear. It felt good in provide for myself. Darlene took that away from me to make me feel like I needed her.

Monday I want open a bank account and start direct deposit from work. Friends have taken me in so I can get back on my feet. But I may have found a more permanent place to stay. Time will tell.

A week has passed and I couldn’t open a bank account do to the crap the Darlene put me through. So I have a prepaid card that lets me take direct deposit. In the meantime saving money seem to be on hold until after Christmas. I hate the gift thing.

I need to discipline myself to not spend the money I save. Finding and apartment that will take me is my first goal. In the meantime, I have started to write again. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

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