An Explanation for Anarchy Empowered.

I had someone object to renting a room to me because my screen name is Anarchy Empowered on Google. Well let me explain the name.

Jesus the Christ is the most famous anarchist. Every miricle that is recorded in the Bible was preformed of the Sabbath for the benefit if the Jewish government officals known as the Pharisees and Sadducees that made up the Sanhedrin. The act had people questioning the ruling authory of these men. This fact got the Son of Man killed. I ran a magazine that was dedicated to teaching the Gospel to those who could care less about Jesus’s message.

True Anarchy has nothing to do with violance. A true Anarchist questions the establusted authoriy hoping to promote change in the hearts of those in power. Ignorace and sloffullness promotes violance. The statagy of a true anarchist is to sit back and watch the mistake being made and then say “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and watch as only 300 years later the Roman Empire began to fail (Matt 22:20-22). 

This same Scripture also proves that Jesus never paid taxes other wise the disciples would have not had to ask Jesus if he did, for the spent every day for three years with him. In stead Jesus tells Peter to go and find some coins and pay the tax so as not to offend. The truth was why would Jesus pay tything to himself.

The authorities of Jesus’s day attempted to trap him in everything he did and Jesus would answer them say “you don’t seek a doctor if you are not sick.” Jesus was not not warrior that the Zealots wanted, but the turn Messiah fit because he up set the established doctrines enough that people were free to reject the opression of both Rome and the Sanhedrin.

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