A Beacon Of Hope For A Broken Soldier

After I lost Kansa and Darlene turned out to be a mistake, I had all but given up on finding a companion to go through life with.

My life had become meaning less. All I would do is go to work and sleep and nothing in between. Then one day I came across an ad from a woman who like me had to look forward to rebuilding her life. I thought to myself “this is a woman who would understand my trials and ever become a friend along the way.

Wrong turns down life’s path have us both imprisoned by our circumstances, but I look at her picture and into her eyes and I see in her an innocence that I have not seen in myself for over a generation.

Could this angle be the last hope for a Veterain of conflict’s past? I am praying that I could put aside my past doings and finally embrace a future with someone at my side.


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