A Daily Struggle Has Been Faced With One More Set Back.

For a while now I have been using foodstamps to buy my food. But I realized that having the safety net has only made it so I am not as responsible for my money as I should be. God made it possible for me to have this job: therefore, I should think of the resources that come from going to work every day should be treated like a gift.

Over the past few weeks I have not had food to eat, at least not more than scraps. I was relieved at the end of the month because my food stamps would finally put food on my plate. But the day came and went that the money would have been put on my EBT or SNAP card and nothing was added. I was screwed!

I had already put all of my money into bills and was counting on the money that I was stealing from the American tax payer to get me through till the next paycheck. “OMG, what am I going to do now?”

“The Enemy at the Gate,” is not popular enough yet to generate an income and the company blog has not been monetized yet, what’s next? I work full-time and have a steady stream of income, but I have not made good choices with my money. At first I was going to call and find out why I was cut off, but I knew why.

I had not told the foodstamps people that I finally got a job. I guess I wanted to get on my feet before they took the benefit away. But I never took the chance to improve my financial position.

A few months ago I left a terrible living situation and was taken in by the Steiners, who own and operate Edumacated Redneck Repair out of their home, who’s primary work comes from Dog Paws.

Dog Paws is a non-profit organization that maintains many of the off leash dog parks in the in the Vancouver Washington area. The Steiners gave me work with Dog Paws when I was looking for a full time job. Like I said I have had opportunity to do better but I had to make the choice to do so.

There are many companies in Vancouver Washington that are willing to help people start over. I am currently working for Smak Plastics. This locally owned factory opens its doors to anyone who is willing to come to work every day.

I walk home from work every day only this time I listed to Stephan’s podcast. Anyway It is 2:00 AM and I need to get some sleep. I have until Thursday to wonder where my food is coming from. This is one of the reasons that I want to start New Beginnings.


College was a waste of Time and Money.

Are we predestined by God to live the life that we have been given, or can we change what is written for us in the stars? My family could not afford to put me through school like many others. In fact it took me over 18 years to finish becouse I worked my way through.

I don’t agree with Stephan Mollyneux on thif one. My time in school taught me about the kind of man I am and want to become. The Leftwing Social Justice crap was never seen because of the kind of schools I chose to attend.

My first years in the Seminary I only had one woman in a Philosophy Class because she worked in the mailroom and took advantage of the free classes. What was even beter was everyone around me was Roman Catholic. The Leftwing stuff was unheard of.

When I transfered to Trinity College, we had more woman in the classes but the royalty of Europe don’t tend to agree with the progressive standards of most modern colleges. The defense between the colleges that Stephan talks about is simply the difference between perceptive realities.

At no point did I ever think that I was wasting my time or my money but rather I got to live the life I did, learning first-hand about the religious bigotry that divides the Ireland and the experience is something that every writer should hope for.

Now I have a chance to be called Dr. Antolic and provide an American prospective on the geopolitical economic landscape. So my answer to John Calvin’s argument about predestination is simply that I did have a chance to change my stars.

Do to transportation issues and the fact that modern technology alows classes to be recorded and accessible to anyone who truely wishes to learn, I do agree that Stephan has a valid point about spending the money on your education. These podcasts will not give the veiwer the prestige or saying but they went to the same school as Prince Henry or Prince Charles but I do hope that the education will be as high of quality.

I would like to point out that even my background in art is being used in my professional life. I started out my college experience with an intrest in art. Now I design all of my book covers an edit as well as animate my YouTube videos to promote this blog. So I cannot agree that Stephan has a valid point about art majors, but as I said before it may have more to do with the school you choose. The quality of education is directly proportional to the quality of people you choose to be around.

A Sunrise Took On A New Meaning Today.

Today I enjoyed the morning just sitting out on the porch. The sun’s rays cut by the branches of the trees along the Tims. Dublin is so beautiful this time of year.

Due to my eye sight, I am not driving and I am forced to humble myself to the will of others to get around. I never dreamed I would ever feel so helpless. September can’t come fast enough.

In the meantime I am working on my next book and feeling blessed that Kansa is here to help. Well at this moment she is still asleep but you got my drift.

I have wirten a few books on American politics and what I have learned more than anything is non of it is about politics. At the most basic level what the political friction is from, has more to do with the two side argument over what is right and what is wrong.

Theological Anthropology seems to be a paradox in the eyes of many, but once you realise that even Atheism is a form of Religion, you must reconsider that position. As I feel the breeze across my face and hear the birds cherping, I pounder what this next year is going to bring.

Most of my students have already met me and know what the class is going to be about because of my YouTude Channel call Anarchy Empowered or our blog that you are reading now. As a result they understand and struggling that Kansa and I have had to endure due to health issues.

So when I condem the Welfare State out of moral conviction, they understand that my wife and I can realate to why people feel they need it. But I also see first hand how Welfare has destoryed the lives of those who benefit from it.

As it stands I feared going to work as a forklift driver knowing rhat I am loosing my site. More time than not I would pick up my phone to call me employer to quit, only to put it down and end up going to work, knowing that everytime I got no that forklift I was  an endangerment to both myself and others.

My wife talked about applying for disability but I could not swallow my pride. Now I sit here and watch the sun give birth to a new day and try to keep my thaughts away from feeling worthless because my life has been turned upside down.

I start work in September and the comunity here has reached out to borh Kansa and I. The thaught of how I would feel if I hit someone with a forklift huants me even now.

Contemplating life has me wondering why liberals think their way of thinking is morally correct with all the reseach and news footage that is out there. Then I got a comment on a Facebook status that answerd my question. Liberals justify their stupdity by dissmising common sense as “Fake News.”

A True Need For A Change

Only a week ago, I was miserable. I felt like my friends had sold me out. No one was listening to me about my health needs and I was making less money than a fastfood worker. 

In my last post I told you about the start of my need for a charnge came when my wife lost her benefits because I was making too much money. We never saw any if that was the case. At any rate I was sick as a dog and most of the time the conditions at work had me getting sicker by the day.

Kansa told me that we needed to find other ways to support ourselves that did not have anything to do with the government. 

On another note President Trump talks for four minutes on YouTube and spends nothing, saying more on his Free media spot in four minute than Barack Hussein Obama was able to comunicate after spending millions of taxpayers dollars on media just to say and accomplish nothing.

The unfortunate reality is that democracy has its roots found in the group narrative. An exelant example is found in the moral decay of modern television.

Over the passed year I have seen first hand how the nature if mob rule can pull a country apart. People riot in the streets of the cities that they live in and are willing to loose their jobs over bipartisan party differences. 

We as a people need to look beyond political or geographically determined lines and realize that we have other forces at work here. You can mock if you want, but I believe that Satanism had a firm hand in the most recent election.

Would You Hire This Woman?


Before I get into who she is, I want you to look at her resume and her reputation. She graduated in the top of her class from Wellesley College. However, she was fired from her her first job as an attorney. Her employer called her dishonorable, dishonest and unconstitutional.
For decades her life has been filled with scandals that leak into her professional life. She has been accused of murder, perjury in treason, yet people seem to look the other way. Who is this I am talking about? Watch the video and find out.

Prople Never Cease To Amaze Me

This weekend I had an exchange with a man on a YouTube string about the Unconstitutional Inferior Court ruling on President Trump’s Immigration Bann.

The Liberal was claiming that I was advocating Donald Trump as America’s first King. Anyone that has ever read my work understands that not only am I anti government, I am in the most real sense of the word an Anarchist. I have seen the corruption of the democratic lie. Worse I have acted as the enforcement of Foreign Policy and know first hand how weak a manmade government is.

I wanted my readers to see this video and judge for your selves.


 The U.S. SUPREME COURT made a decision that was completely politically motivated and hade no Constitutional foundation. The problem that I have with the ruling is that I served with the 2nd Platoon of the 4th Company of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment. 

I enlisted before I was old enough to drive. I was too young to vote but I knew what I believed in. The values that I was raised to believe that the American flag represented was embodied in the 26 men who took me in and called me the Pup (Le chiot).

They took me under their wing and kept me alive long enough to fend for myself. At one point I saw these dedicated defenders of justice willingly give their lives so a group of American Operators could escape to finish their mission.

Tears still fill my eyes after over 20 years, but in telling this story, it is my hope that the immigration issue can be put in prospective. 

I am last last serviving member of the group who called ourselves the Missfits. We were a specialised group who was trained to get captured and use our knowledge of physics and engineering as well as our tactical expertise to help others escape from prision camps. 

Unfortunately we also got to learn first hand what goes on in those camps. During questioning my bones in my feet were broken repeatedly. They would let them heal only to hit them again with a tire iron.

The liberal talk about waterboarding as if it is wrong, trust me when I tell you that nothing the American Military does can compare to what goes on behind enemy lines of Bosnia, Iraq, or Afghanistan. My wife can attest to the endless fear that strikes me in my sleep.

On one mission I was released wirh halth a canteen of water two broken Shins and multiple fractures in the soles of my feet. I was made to walk on the burning sand with no shoes on my feet. I was thinking the desert would take me long before I met up with my unit.

In fact I was even praying to a God that I was not sure I could believe in, that he would take my life so the suffering wpuld be over. It never accured to me that Al-Qaeda’s objective was to let me lead them to my unit. As I crawled over the ridger to have the first glimps of my unit, a swarm of American Stinger Missiles that was probably sold to Al-Qaeda by the Clintons hit the ground. I am talking about 100% collateral damage, there were no survivors.

Theses are the people that President Trump is trying to protect us from. He should just send all the Liberals to the middle East, so they can join some Jihad. That way I can do the world a favor and kill them all. All kidding aside there has never been more treasonous activity by the left in my life time, than I have seen since Trump being elected.

I can’t figure out why the Patriot Act is considered constitutional when Trump’s executive order is not.Trump’s order says that the secretary of state should “prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.

Let me explain something to all the ignorant and naive that may be out there. When I came back to America from Iraq, the Patriot Act kept me from getting a job because I am called a potental domestict threat. I was a hired gun for the U.N. a sniper is never retired in the eyes of the Deparment of Home Land Scurety. So why is Trump’s order any different? The Patriot Act profiles people according to profession and acquaintances.

After Berkeley: A Right Wing Call to Self-Defense

I know many of the right wing personalities. I have had interviews with Lars Larson and even sat down with him at Starbucks.

Let me tell you, I have written me own share of books and I get recognized from time to time, but we don’t do this for fame or to sell our next book, ok sometimes a plug for a book may come out but rhe preservation of the Constatution that I fought for and my friends died to protect is why we are out here every day. 

Let’s face it, the government has become to enemy. The Left pushes to destroy families and our personal liberties that where first protected by the Ten Commandments and later by the Constitution of the United States which the Democrats never wanted because they want the government to steel what we earned to give back to them. The Robin Hood narrative seem to justify their actions in at leir own minds.

Fight The Enemy Where The Enemy Is Not.

As an operative I took advantage of my interest in Anthropology. At the time my studies were just a hobby, but more times than not I fund the success of the prime objective was only achieved by making the enemy believe that I belonged there.

Psychology has its uses but when you know nothing about the person you are dealing with you must really on your knowledge of the current cultural landscape of the group you are dealing with.

From a distance I could make observations and even learn enough of the language to be able to pass through what ever security they might have. Before the mission would go hot I would even get to know the guards. 

In fact I even bought gifts for one of the guards families a week before Christmas. But to do that I had to get to know him well enough to understand that he secretly converted to Christianity a few months before.

If you are going to put up walls like Trump talked about, you must also understand that walls and fences don’t add to security if the enemy wants in. For me it only takes three or four hours to be fluent in a Easter language and 30 minutes for a Latan based language. If the Enemy puts up walls and fances you just walk in through the front gate.

You make friends with them and start conversations with the guards. After a while they forget that they didn’t check to see if you belong there. 

My point is a warning to our new President. The more secured you think you are making something, the bigger the cracks are in the armor.

I Finally Get To Defend My Thesis.

Please note: if you wish to fallow the dissertation process come back to this link. It will be updated with new video to answer questions as they come.

The separation of church and state or rather the infinitely bad misinterpretation of the First Amendment, helped inspire my Doctoral thesis titled “With God We Prosper, and Without Him We Fail!!!”. Trinity College of Theology in Dublin Ierland has agreed to let me defend this thesis with the internet. This is my first set of questions.

My first questions have been recieved well and only two days from Christmas I have two more questions to answer. I have more to answer but I only have 16 gigs to store video and upload, so I have to keep them small.

I love the idea of finishing my degree, but after all of these years what would I do with it? Who would take me seriously? 

In the time of my studies, I have surved to protect my country, lost my first wife, dicerned a vocation as a Roman Cathic Priest, and gotten remarried to a wonderful woman. I converted to the Mormon faith tradition before I met my wife, Kansa because of the reasons given in my dissertation. It may also be interesting to note that  I have even survived a bout with cancer, at least up to this point. Should the reveiw board award me with my degree, I would like to go to work for the FBI as an analyst.

In the meantime, I enjoy my job working in a warehouse in Portland with three other guys. I work a part-time job on the side to make ends meat and every one around me is concerned about my pushing too hard. 

They don’t need to worrie. I do let my self wide down. I paint to blow off steam.

My latest book, “From Hell To Eternity,” will be on the market tomorrow. It is the first part of a two part series call, “Endure To Live”. As you can see my mind and body are always going. After all Saint Paul tells us in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10; “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat,” what this verse means to me is that accepting government assistance at all is a sin. Those who choose not to work should not be given charity for they are merly parasites on society and should be aloud to stsrve if they don’t wish to contribute, thus the words “should not eat.” Just incase you were woundering, I am always tiered. I sleep two hours every night. No more than that and I put in 22 hour work days. I also hold everyone around me to the same standards.

Here are the answers to the second questions…

I fund my studies buy selling millitary surplus to those who would appreciate it. I have never asked for any grants or loans that I could not pay off.

The review board had one more question for me,”why did you leave the Catholic church?” This video was my answer. I hope they don’t take my answer personally.

Below is the full video