Life is a story worthy of legend.

We all have our survivor stories, this one is mine. My true life adventure of survival starts when my wife of the last seven years decided to abandon me in favor of her concilor and lover.

This story talks about the struggle every man has after his wife betrays him. Only I have a twist on it. I am blind and my wife was my transportation to work, the person who filled out paperwork and just generally helped me function in every day life. This story is mostly about these struggles. I am hoping to inspire the reader to work for the successful resolution of conflicts within marriage and learn to communicate better.

With in the pages of this book, I talk about the basic struggles that other people have had to overcome. My favorite story is that of Daddy D. But others also come to mind.

Most of you know my own story and all of the stuff I have had to go through as I watch my vision fail more every day. But others have overcome their struggles and in the process even found success. 

Let me tell you about one man who lost his family to an apartment fire and uses his story to help his local fire department educate others about the importance of being prepared.

Glenn Anderson lost his wife and two girls to an apartment fire that started in a laundry shoot that was mistaken for an ashtray. In stead of putting his neighbor in jail, Mr. Anderson saw a need and took Mike Timms on a tour from school to school across Australia, the two men talk about forgiveness and handling grief. Glenn’s story is going to be one of the first that I talk about in my new book “The Survivor.” Over the course of this book, I too am learning how to forgive.

King Judah: aka “Eric Hawkind ” is the CEO and Founder of Black Satin Radio, who lives in Hinesville Georgia and has been writing for over 15 years. I asked the King a few questions that may inspire a more in dept interview later. Through the interview I learned that he was deeply inspired by Rovenna Martin who was encouraging him to put his thoughts to a page and helped guide him on his initial Journey on a road that lead to his career as a songwriter. Every child should has such a mentor.


AA= Wow thanks for getting back to me. I don’t do multi media any more because my wife packed up all of my equipment while I was in the hospital fighting for my life, and filed for divorce and moved all but a plate, a fork, pan to cook on and a mattress to sleep on. This has been on hell on a year for all of us.

So if you don’t mind doing an interview over massager it will be read in our magazine. I will send you the link once it is up.

So how did you come up with the name Black Satin Radio and what is the vision behind it.

KJ= Black Satin Radio name came from a poem I wrote called of the same name. Black Satin is smooth and silky and poetry should be of the same thread also to me.

The vision was very simple, it is to help struggling artist not to just get their material out there but for them to use the platform to rehearse and to shake the butterflies off their work to be a better performer. We never used to the vision to be critical but to help them to write better by giving tips on what could be said better and always have a good pace.

AA= Your vision is wonderful. Have you been able to inspire many Artists to do the work it takes to find success in an industry that seems to thrive in competition? How hard is it to get onto the industry? People tend to think that you have to know someone or have a bit of luck to get noticed. How true is this?

KJ= Through the grace of God have been an inspiration to quite a few artist. Kiley Brown, Serena Buttifli Brown, Timothy Dodley, Airealle Glynn, Rovenna Martin, Dawn Deep Rivers Blanchard to just name a few. Bill Peters was a great inspiration to me and I just took theblnowledge he gave me and try to build on it.

I believe for a artist to be in this arena it takes commitment morethen anything. Know what genre you are good in and stay in your lane until you are able to venture to other styles of writing. To be notice depends on your on visibliity and your work. Knowing someone doesn’t mean you have the skill to compete and luck depends on the rabbit foot you carry but one thing in found that is true is that the character of your work will carry you further then just some smooth words. What seen your words saying and how meaningful is it to the hearers?

AA= What got me following your work is you trust in our Creator. Have you found that your faith has attracted others to work with you?

KJ= Yes yes yes, that is so essential. My faith is very important to me. I chose the name Judah because of my faith. Judah means “Praise” in HEBREW. That is my message at the end of the day. No matter what you maybe going through you can pray and praise your way through. But also, learn that life is a learning experience. Why go through a certain situation when if you are not going to learn from it and pass the knowledge to someone who is going through what you just went through. I do my best to write from life experience and not fantasy. Readers know when something is real or not authentic. 

Others love working with me because I make writing easy. Fancy words does not make a good poem. Precise coloring of words do. Every word in every stanza has a place.

AA= This is what I needed. Thank you. I will send you the link once I have published it. God Bless.

KJ= Ok thank you for the opportunity

My divorce has served as a wake up call to me. It showed me that I was needing to do better. Kansa accused me of always being angry and in fact I was. My prayers go out to the woman who gave me my life back after wanting so much to put an end to it. I am sorry that she felt that she had to make me her enemy so I would let her go, but what be I do now?

The men mentioned in this article are inspiration for me because they are able to turn disaster into success.

Have you ever been overwhelmed?

This is how I have been feeling thesedays. Sometimes I know that I need to just take a step back and get a new prospective, but who has the time?

Antolic Enterprises tries to work off of mostly volunteers but at this point I don’t have enough people to make up for the work load.

My fist course in Anthropology is being written and we will have it opened for people to audit. Kansa and I are going back to Ireland on tuesdays. Glenn and his sister Faith are holding down the fort for us until we get back. In the meantime, writing content for both sites and building this course has meant that I can’t keep my eyes opened. I am going to find a rack, good night.

May the Load be with you.

You can find the syllabus for Anthro 468 on Anarchy Empowered’s website. That will give you all you need to know about the course. It is being written for Dublin Local Stundents from Trinity College but the course work anyone can take. This is the wonderful thing about the net.

Let Me Tell You About A.E.’s Empowerment Ministry.

I find myself in a wonderful position these days. I have bought our fist home that in its self is a working farm. I have a job that more than adiquitly pays for my families needs and a calling that is just incredible.

It is this calling that I want to talk about today. Antolic Enterprise’s Empowerment Ministry, is a wonderful way to bring volunteers and disabled Americans together to teach eachother.
You can signup as a participant at our Digital Magazine

Volunteers are asked to proof read and edit content that is produced by autistic adults who have developmental issues. They may also be asked to help the author publish the approved article on

We are hopeing that this ministry will grow into a community effort. Our program is designed to develope leaders and inspire confidence. In all members of the program. Both the Volunteers and the participants are meant to grow as a person and learn to manage adverse problems. The authors that we publish will earn $5.00 for the submition and posible royalties.

We are excited to launch the program come Christmas Time.

How Do We Empower?

Antolic Enterprise’s mission is to use the E.D.G.E. method to help give people the tools they will need to get off of Wellfare for good and become independent as possible.

So what is the E.D.G.E. method? For any of you who are or where ever Boy Scouts, you would rember this. The “E” stands for Educate. A.E.  educates others as we learn our selves.

What I mean is we ask people to write an article who may still be learning to read in English. We may hay someone draw a picture who never knew he or she could draw. The point is the adults that we are working with are learning. 

The picture may not be purfect and the article may be in need of some editing before the copy goes to print but they are learning.

“D” is for Demonstrate. After the article is written, another participant in our program will work with the Author to help him or her edit and proof the article. Only then does the piece go for final reveiw and get published if approved.

“G” is for Giude. Once the final appoval is made the Author of the article is then shown step by step how to publish the story on one of our blogs or how to arcive it for a book that A.E. publishes at the end of the year.

“E” stands for Empower.Once the challenged adult has the confidence to go and do it on his or her own, we give them more responsibility.

We pay $5.00 an article and each article gets one more person a little closer to what ever the definition of independent may be for that indevidual.

When I started Antolic Enterprises, I had just found out that I was going blind. I don’t believe in government so asking for help from the Tax payers was never an optoin. This program helps everyone.

Funding for group homes for autistic adults is always being cut. We eork to find ways for the truely disabled American to find his or her own way in this world. It got to the point where I could not write with out someone proofing my work.

Still others are fantastic artist both Visual and Musical. These are talants that would go to waste if the conventionally accepted model was still used. 

I teach via podcasts for a school on the other side of the world my eife and I bought a farm near the school and we will be moving before September. The last time I was in Ierland I go involved in a police investigation that I hope will be over before we get back. At any rate in is getting late and I need to get some sleep but at least I got a chance to talk about this wonderful vision. I am hoping others would share it. 

Antolic Enterprise’s mission has become my passion. I would love to pay them more but we are not government subsidized and what we do pay is through book sales or donations. One day I hope to change that so each participate is making royalties off of their own book.

We Are Looking For Authors

If you have self published a book and would like to promote it. We would like to offer you a spot on this blog. If your work meets basic requirements, we would be glad to list your book for free. 

If you have a digital magazine that you want to tell the world about we will talk about that as well.

Why would we do this? The answer is simple. I realized that the hourly wage is no less than slavery.America is never going to improve as long as people have an employee mind set. 

is all about inspiring others to bete the odds and find freedom in the form of residual income.

Some Days Just Never Seem To End.

Have you ever had you of those days that seem to just keep dragging on. Lastnight I was taken to look at a crime scene. This morning I went to cash some checks, did an interview with one if our lical radio stations and tended the sheep with a few farm hands.

Spring is comming and it is nearing time to flees many of the sheep. Griff, the ranch forman says that the whool is the bulk of our income for the year so it was inportant to sell it for a good price. After unloading the whool at the mill, it eas back to the bank and as soon as we got home Glenn and Ron were waiting to head back to the crime scene. Will this day ever end?

Before I got out of Griff’s truck I say a little pray for strength. “You going to be alright, boss? Do you want me to send these men away?”

“No Griff thanks, but this is something that the Lord has called me to do.” Griff unloaded the bushels from the truck as I got out to start it all over.

“Are you ok Professor? I missed you at the pub this morning.”

“Yes, Glenn it has just been a long day. Is your forensics team meeting us there?”

Captain Ron Pike answered for his partner, “they are already there.”

The Homeless Family

Sometimes I get so into what I do that I forget why we do it. I can tell you all kinds of stories and get your mind going but if I don’t ground the mission once and a while and set away from our amazing life and get back into the trrnches all our work is for not. 
The other day I saw a father and his autistic daughter standing in the rain on the off ramp. The both held a sign that said simply help us. My heart weept for them and I even turn arpun to offer the father a job. But they were gone ny the time I got back to them.

Ever since then, I have been keeping an eye out for the pair but no luck. The Homeless population of Dublin doesn’t seem to be nearly as high as in Portland. But it could just be that the Ierish hide things better.

These stories are meant to entertain and a few of the my do that but in an hour Glenn and ihs friend are going to pick me up to investigate the darker side of the Emerald Isle. I am not looking forward to that.

I had a time when Kansa and I first got married that it seemed like we would never get on our feet. However, it did not take me long to realized that it was the limitations on our income by the wellfare state that was keeping us from getting out of the trap. I don’t beleive in hand outs and I was recently told that 90% of the people in the USA who receive Wellfare work.

I have to call Bull Shit on that one because it only took 30 minnutes to put together the video that you see below. If the 90% figure wasn’t Bullshit I would have had to work harder to find useable footage.

I believe that it is the right as a human being to work to support your family. If I find the man and his daughter, I would have given him a job and a place to stay. That is not a hand out. He would be earn his keep.

God Doesn’t Call The Qualified, He Qualifies The Called.

Growing up I was never the best student. However, I always had a desire to learn. I also wanted to join the military but I don’t test well and was functionally illiterate. 

My childhood was spent being told that the government was going to have to take care of me because I was not thaught to be able bodied or intelligent in the eyes of my mother. The ida of not earning my way in life turned my stomach and I ran away the day my Grandfather died.

I knew that I had to prove myself to the world and remembering my Grandfather’s history lessons the Foreign Leagon seemed like a good place to start.

By the grace of God, I was solected and not only did I prove myself to be a credit to my unit, I learned that I could do anything that I share God’s will in. I was not going to buy into  the rhetoric of multigenerational Government subsidized prostitution, and sought to change my stars.

I graduated 3rd from the bottom of my class at Mountain View High School, but only because I was 8000 miles away and had to finish school though correspondence courses. That is when we were not being shot at or having to bug out because the base camp was getting too close to the action.

I continued on in my education even to this day. I am always studying a new language or other aspects of anthropology. I am currently working on yet another book that will talk about cancer research in the ancient world. Yet growing up even my mother thought I was mentally challenged. At this point I have published 7 books that you can find on Amazon and hold a Ph.D in Theological Anthropology. Don’t let the people around you tell you that you can’t do something. The direction of your future is between you and God and no one eles.

Isn’t it time to change your stars?

If you remember Glenn brought a friend by. His name was Captain Ron Pike, of Scotland Yard. “Dr. Antolic, my friend needs your help.”

“OK Glenn come on in and have a seat, I will be right in as soon as I feed the Democrats, sorry sheep.”

To two men sat down at the kitchen table. “Do you think your friend can help me? From what I understood Professor Antolic is a researcher and not a forensic anthropologist?” 

“You are correct but does any of your lab techs at the yard know any thing about the Occult? Tony teaches this stuff for a reason.” Captain Pike put some pictures out on the table.

Glenn staired at each groosome picture as the inspector put them down. “She was a purity girl, who was she?” Glenn asked the inspector.

“Who was who?” Kansa asked as Faith and Kansa came through the door with some groceries.

Then Faith looked down at the table. “Oh my!” Faith back away from the table.

“What is it Faith?” My wife looked down as Captain Pike put the last photos down on the table. “Was this what you need my husband’s help with?”

Kansa ushered Faith into the other room. “Come Faith the business in here is none of ours.”

By that time I finished up with the sheep and came through the door. I saw the pictures and told the two men that this was not my field of expertise. “I am sorry, but I can’t help you.”

“Thank you for your time anyway. Will you at least take a closer look before we leave?”

“The body was moved and posed for your benefite. Was there another body found earlier?” Glenn nodded and pulled out another picture.

“The victim’s left arm pointed to the spot that this body was found two day’s before.” Glenn told me.

“I think we should just work your pub and leave this stuff alone.” I told Glenn.

“I can’t Tony, I am a cop. Will you help us?”

“Take me to the site.”  Kansa and Faith stayed behind, they did not want anything to do with what wss on the herizon and I don’t blame them.

What Would You Look For, To Put Together The Perfect Team?

Every day I wake up and get ready to head off to work. There is nothing special about that. On the other hand, if look at the percentage of Americans who seem to be OK with accepting government handouts, maybe going to work and being reliable is much more rare than you might think. At any rate, I realized that reliability is more important to my than I every thought it would be growing up.

I come home from working in the warehouse, and fill orders for A.E. and continue to work on whatever research project I may be working on at the time. Lately I have been obsessed with natural methods to figjt cancer. Yet I find myself overwhelmed with the workload.

As a result I have been contemplating putting together my own production team, to take some stress off of my wife and I. In my days of service I found that the best teams are intuitive of the needs of the others members. 

The phrase there is no I in TEAM is crap. The best teams in the world are made up of members that know every other member’s job and are willing and able to take up the slack if the Medic gets shot or the Com-Op is taken out of service. 

No radios are used behind enemy lines, that is Hollywood. The mission is drilled to the point that no member has to ask questions while operational. This kind of Teamwork, has no place for pacing the buck. A hesitation could mean mission failure and collateral damage.

But how do you find a group of people who would work together so well in the real world? 

I have been selling arms ever since I left the service. Some years my wife and I have more money than we know what to do with. But this year, my family has had some financial set backs due to Health.

My wife and I have both been sick and we have not been able to get everything back up as fast as I would like. Our books are published and in stock but we do not have all the inventory up. Please be patient with us.

We will have the rest of the products back up soon.

Volume 2 of Endur To Live Is Coming Soon is dedicated to cancer research. “The Enemy At The Gate,” is our second book in our “Endure To Live” series. This book is centered on turn the patient’s life completely around and in the process helping them recover from addiction and mending family ties that have been broken. We are still in the development stage for this porject.