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Thanks to crypto-curencies miner tech, we will not be using affiliate marketing to fund the magazine. We also will not be asking for donations to help keep the site going. AnarchyEmpowered.Com will take longer to loader for most CPUs but this is not an error, Antolic Enterprises is using the power of our reader’s computer to mine crypto-curencies while you read our articles. We will make this clear to our readership so they can choose not to come to our site, but we are hoping that we will not lose our following for this trade off.


Is this Bitcoin Miner app just another scam?

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I have not yet gotten enough satoshi from the app to cash out and at the current value of Bitcoin it almost seems to good to be true. But if it is real, Antolic Enterprises would be buying our first house for New Beginnings and many lives could change forever.

By no means am I looking for some get rich quick, but it would be nice to be able to pay some bills. However there are a lot of scams out there. So I am careful to read the reviews before installing the app.

One thing that I look for is fees. I want to see some way beyond advertising to pay for the server that is creating the Bitcoin. Otherwise all the app is doing is advertising and that means it probably doesn’t mine for Bitcoin.

Business Plan For New Beginnings

New Beginnings is what I am calling a social experiment that is aimed at keeping a homeless family together rather than encouraging the mother to reject the father and seek help from a broken welfare state that is only interested in keeping the program going through participation. 

Unlike the Welfare State which is designed to keep the participants in the system and encourage the next generation to get trapped in the system as well: New Beginning is designed to be a step up. Once a house is established the tenants have two months to find employment. Each parent takes turns watching the other children so the parents can go to work.

We are currently seeing the results of the first daycare generation manifest in the workplace and what is being seen in not good. The subjects seem to think that the world owes them something. As a result they never learned how to work. Of course they didn’t, teaching your child a tradebis the role of the father and not some government subsidies from the Welfare State.

Research has shown that a child without both parents in his or her life is more likely to have a criminal record, use drugs, and be unable to keep a job. 

On the other hand, a child who has both parents in his or her life showing through example how to work and provide for his or her family tend to have a better education and be much more stable in their home life.

This model is intended to help break the chain of generational Welfare use and offer a stable home environment for the children while their parents are motivated to kick the drug and alcohol habits that got them in trouble in the first place. 

But to make this program a reality, we are going to need a house to work out of and qualified councilors to help the participants along the way.

The Rules Of The House

The rules of the project are simple. No Drugs or Alcohol use for any reason. The family must show an effort to save money to get out on their own. They are required to pay rent once they have an income. As I said simple and straightforward.

Stage One “The Start Up Stage”

We are currently in the start up stage of this project. We are looking for benefactors who believe in the project enough to donate funds to buy the house. We are looking for volunteers to help the project run smoothly. We are also looking for people to sit on the Board of Directors. This is the stage where most good ideas burn out. But by God’s grace this of will not.

Stage Two “Logistics / Making Things Happen”

Once the Board of Directors is assembled and the first house is secure, it is time for people to learn about the program. It is at this point that we contact Share Vancouver and the local churches and food banks to network and try and fill the beds. We would also pay for air time one the Fish Radio station. After all if you don’t have people donating or using the program what good is it?

If you wish to get involved please contact Anthony Antolic @ 503-489-3274 or email

Bitcoin and other Cryptos may be the key to freedom.

Inflation is not more than a tax on the people that is pushed on us by opression of government. Crypto-curencies work by the agreement of the community who uses them. The value of Bitcoin for example is truly based on the rules of supply and demand.

The community published only a set amount of the Bitcoin currency and the value is based on how much of it is in circulation. Bitcoin numbers are software that clarifies transactions and make a percentage of the transaction. Basically the power of money is given back to the people and taken away from government, as it should be.

As I write this post my phone is mining for Bitcoin. In effect miners have taken over the role of government. Of course this is met with opposition from people who depend on government resources that depend on taxes. Because No one controls this web based economy no one can regulate it, meaning no government can tax it.

As more people choose this alternative currency less resources the governments of the world have to give out. This will result in a last ditch effort to raise taxes on those who are still using the governments currency and ultimately failure of government infrastructures for lack of funds.

As a result of the writing on the wall, propaganda has been put out trying to scare Bitcoin users into avoiding it all together. But the truth is people started using Bitcoin due to a lack of confidence in their own government currency. That faith is not easily earned back. In the meantime, those of us who are onboard will by sell and trade without the government’s consent.

A True Need For A Change

Only a week ago, I was miserable. I felt like my friends had sold me out. No one was listening to me about my health needs and I was making less money than a fastfood worker. 

In my last post I told you about the start of my need for a charnge came when my wife lost her benefits because I was making too much money. We never saw any if that was the case. At any rate I was sick as a dog and most of the time the conditions at work had me getting sicker by the day.

Kansa told me that we needed to find other ways to support ourselves that did not have anything to do with the government. 

On another note President Trump talks for four minutes on YouTube and spends nothing, saying more on his Free media spot in four minute than Barack Hussein Obama was able to comunicate after spending millions of taxpayers dollars on media just to say and accomplish nothing.

The unfortunate reality is that democracy has its roots found in the group narrative. An exelant example is found in the moral decay of modern television.

Over the passed year I have seen first hand how the nature if mob rule can pull a country apart. People riot in the streets of the cities that they live in and are willing to loose their jobs over bipartisan party differences. 

We as a people need to look beyond political or geographically determined lines and realize that we have other forces at work here. You can mock if you want, but I believe that Satanism had a firm hand in the most recent election.

Tax Day At The Library

Last year and every year before, Kansa and I have been ripped off by crooked accounting firms and so-called Tax professionals. Today we tried something new, just as A.E. has under gone a lot of major changes as a company, from dropping the sales of outdoor gear in favor of focusing on our education ministry to starting to sell the books of independent Christian authors, Kansa and I have also had to under go our own metamorphosis as individuals.

God and faith have and always will be the center of our work. When I got sick we had to look at ways to remove overhead and still stay operational. The accountants who volunteered to help people file their unconstitutional taxes report to help them comply with liberal oppression, were swamped: so Kansa and I filed on online. I must say it never fails to amaze me how scared the new Rome has her citizens. Most people do know that the instatement of income taxation has always been a contradiction to the vision of our founding fathers, yet they do it out of fear of the consequences.

This compliant attiude will send America into the deepest reaches of Hell and the Devil already knows the names of every lazy liberal scum who ever will walk the Earth, after all, they were the third of Heaven’s host who joined Lucifer in his insurrection.

Needless to say we ran out of time and we decided to go home and finish the senseless task of giving the government a justifiable reason not to fire some worthless bureaucrat. It never made any sense to me that the government already has the information they request during this time of year because our employers send them the data every quarter: so why are we still require to give them the same information? It must be to justify the salary of a group of paper pushers. 

At any rate Jesus told his disciples to “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s”(Mark 12:17), most theologians who sold out to the established athority of their day would tell you that he meant pay your taxes and abide by the law. However, is under a week after he said this Rome put him on a cross.

The events after Jesus had been put in the tumb would set the universe in motion and in less than 30 years Rome had a new religion that would lead to her ultimate down fall. Now think about what Christ meant when he said “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s!” 

We must remember that the Jewish culture was never peaceful. In fact when you read about Jesus saying turn the other cheek, you may want to remember that the slap in the face even today is meant to be a challenge. Jesus never said just walk away, in fact he say that you must look your enemy in the eye again to offer him the other cheek. In other verses he is reported to say that if a man steels from you offer the rest to him.

If you remember in the Old Testament a common Jewish strategy was to invite the enemy to a party held in his honor and while his soldiers were drunk the enemy would be slane. We must look at the culture in which the scriptures were written in order to get to correct picture. You see turn the other cheek nowadays means be spineless and just let your enemy walk on you. But jesus was truely telling his followers to let the first one go but let him know that the next one would not be free. 

Liberals steel from the working class because most will let it happen in the name of government enforced theft disguised as charity. When in truth if more Christians knew what was truely being said in the book that they hold so dear, liberals would never get away with any of the stuff that happens today.