Chapter 1 Origins

After pleading with the Jews for a lesser sentence, Punches Pilot, the Roman perfect ordered the man they called Jesus to death by the cross. He washed his hands of the dead telling the people that the blood of an innocent will be on the hands of the mob.

After Pilot sentenced Jesus to death, the hatred of the people and the malice of the Roman occupation was felt in the streets as the Roman presence marched the perfect sacrifice to the alter of the final offer.

My father who was called  Longinus was enlisted in the armies of Rome as secondary support because he was born blind and combat wouldn’t have ever been the place for him. Longinus’s job was that of a Quarter Master. 

He tended the weapons for his unit, making sure that the swords and other gear were in good repair. My father was happy to serve Rome but the rest of his unit would make fun of him. They would tell Longinus that you can’t call yourself a soldier until you made your first kill. This taunting hurt Longinus deeply for if he was not a soldier then who was he?

Because the Jewish people are extremely lazy on the Sabbath, the condemned would have their legs broken to quicken the suffocating so they could be taken down from the crosses. But when Longinus went to break Jesus’s legs he saw that he was already dead.

My father told his commander that he was already dead and the it is much easier to take him off the cross with his legs intact, so his Superior took a sport and handed it to Longinus. He told him, “You call yourself a soldier earn the right to do so.”

Longinus took the pointed iron rod and thrusted Jesus’s side. Christ’s blood sprayed Longinus’s face healing my father’s eyes. If my father had any doubt as to who Jesus is it left with that moment.

Later that night an angle of the Lord visited Longinus. The angel told Longinus that he would live to see the return of Jesus to this Earth. Many times over the centuries the same angle has come to visit my father, each time to warn him that it was time to move and reinvent his life.

For the past 2017 years, Longinus has lived by several rules to protect himself from the mindless superstitions of the ages. First to keep others from getting suspicious of his age my father would avoid an likeness of him being produced. No sketches, carvings, paintings or photographs have ever existed of my father or his descendants.

After hundreds of times reinventing his life, Longinus Adrian Tempus became known as Bail. Bail settled in on the small island of Corsica, where he was born. Every 40 years or so he would leave for another hundred years. 

My father was warned by the angle who visits him that he would live to see the second coming of Christ.

The Myth of Adrian

Christian legend has it that Longinus was a blind Roman centurion who thrust the spear into Christ’s side at the crucifixion. Some of Jesus’s blood fell upon his eyes and he was healed. Upon this miracle Longinus believed in Jesus. Longinus was also visited the same night by an Angle of God.

The Angle Mike told Longinus that he would live to see the return of Jesus to this Earth. 2017 years later Longinus has had to go by many names and move many times, to avoid the wraff of primitive superstitions.

When my father met my mother he was going by the name Adrian. As the blood of the lamb sprayed his face, Adrian was cursed to walk the earth until Christ would return. His vision returned but with a supernatural clarity. He is able to see into the hearts of Men. He has been changed with the task of keeping the sinful nature of Man in check by drinking the blood of a dark soul. As long as Adrian walks in righteousness and never feeds on the blood of an innocent, he can walk in the daylight.
Still his offspring must choose their own path. Adrian must feed on the blood of Satan’s fallen to keep up his strength. So he is thought to be the first Vampire.

Antagonist Sonya White

Sonya White is based on Darlene and Kansa’s combined personalities. Sonya is a Voodoo Priestess who lives in New Orleans. She made a pact with Satan to steal the immortality of the day-walkers.

So what trates would make the perfect vilen?

Darlene stole my shoes so I couldn’t leave. I was a prisoner. Kansa planed out her escape for months. The divorce destroyed me.

Darlene has an absolute hate for people that shows up is everything she does. She uses people for her own purposes only tho disgard them like garbage. The constant verbal abuse would take a toll on any one.

Sonya White has characteristics of both Darlene’s nagetive personality and Kansa’s innocence. This character is going to be a true challenge to write.

The Enemy at the Gate

This outline is to give a summary of Enemy at the Gate.

Bail Tempist has out lived all of his friends and family, he has out went by many names over the centuries. Such is the way of things when you are never going to die. Now he wants to join all that have passed on.

Desperate to break the curse the has kept him alive for 2000 years he seek the help of Sonya White, a witch from New Orleans. Once Bail finds out that Sonya plans to steal his life force to gain immortality, he fears what she would use it for and for his own salvation.

Protagonist Bail Tempist

Bail is a Vampire who has also called himself Adrian. In fact he is the first of the Vampire. Bail was cursed to walk the ever after driving a spire through Christ’s side.

Unlike most vampire that you here about, Bail can walk in the sunlight. This character is the protagonist of the functional novel, “the Enemy at the Gate,” Which is my current project.

Bail is based of every positive influence I had or have in my life