I Choose To Be Happy

Over the passed year, I have lived throw cancer gotten divorced, been diagnosed with diabetes and been in and out of the mental health ward ofour local hospital and still people want me to go on.
What I have learned through this is that my happiness must be up to me. I am not perfect and don’t pretend to be: however, I know that  in spite of my past I can still have hope.

Darlene came to my rescue when Kansa left me. I had hoped to at least keep a friendship with my ex-wife, but she would not have it. Her choice forced me to move on. Now I am married to Darlene and still not quite recovered from the lost of Kansa in my life.

Yesterday Darlene and I went to the beach with Arthur, who is one of our dogs and watched him play in the sand. We took the long way home and enjoyed the time we had together. Kansa and I never took the to do the simple things like just taking a drive for no reason.

Relationships take work and Kansa gave up. I find myself stuck in one day’s event, that keeps me from moving on. The pain of  April 6, 2017 has me checking and rechecking the date. I have lost track of my life because of being stuck in the moment that Kansa walked out. I must choose to move on.

Have you ever been overwhelmed?

This is how I have been feeling thesedays. Sometimes I know that I need to just take a step back and get a new prospective, but who has the time?

Antolic Enterprises tries to work off of mostly volunteers but at this point I don’t have enough people to make up for the work load.

My fist course in Anthropology is being written and we will have it opened for people to audit. Kansa and I are going back to Ireland on tuesdays. Glenn and his sister Faith are holding down the fort for us until we get back. In the meantime, writing content for both sites and building this course has meant that I can’t keep my eyes opened. I am going to find a rack, good night.

May the Load be with you.

You can find the syllabus for Anthro 468 on Anarchy Empowered’s website. That will give you all you need to know about the course. It is being written for Dublin Local Stundents from Trinity College but the course work anyone can take. This is the wonderful thing about the net.

Let Me Tell You About A.E.’s Empowerment Ministry.

I find myself in a wonderful position these days. I have bought our fist home that in its self is a working farm. I have a job that more than adiquitly pays for my families needs and a calling that is just incredible.

It is this calling that I want to talk about today. Antolic Enterprise’s Empowerment Ministry, is a wonderful way to bring volunteers and disabled Americans together to teach eachother.
You can signup as a participant at our Digital Magazine www.anarchyempowered.com

Volunteers are asked to proof read and edit content that is produced by autistic adults who have developmental issues. They may also be asked to help the author publish the approved article on anarchyempowered.com

We are hopeing that this ministry will grow into a community effort. Our program is designed to develope leaders and inspire confidence. In all members of the program. Both the Volunteers and the participants are meant to grow as a person and learn to manage adverse problems. The authors that we publish will earn $5.00 for the submition and posible royalties.

We are excited to launch the program come Christmas Time.

How Do We Empower?

Antolic Enterprise’s mission is to use the E.D.G.E. method to help give people the tools they will need to get off of Wellfare for good and become independent as possible.

So what is the E.D.G.E. method? For any of you who are or where ever Boy Scouts, you would rember this. The “E” stands for Educate. A.E.  educates others as we learn our selves.

What I mean is we ask people to write an article who may still be learning to read in English. We may hay someone draw a picture who never knew he or she could draw. The point is the adults that we are working with are learning. 

The picture may not be purfect and the article may be in need of some editing before the copy goes to print but they are learning.

“D” is for Demonstrate. After the article is written, another participant in our program will work with the Author to help him or her edit and proof the article. Only then does the piece go for final reveiw and get published if approved.

“G” is for Giude. Once the final appoval is made the Author of the article is then shown step by step how to publish the story on one of our blogs or how to arcive it for a book that A.E. publishes at the end of the year.

“E” stands for Empower.Once the challenged adult has the confidence to go and do it on his or her own, we give them more responsibility.

We pay $5.00 an article and each article gets one more person a little closer to what ever the definition of independent may be for that indevidual.

When I started Antolic Enterprises, I had just found out that I was going blind. I don’t believe in government so asking for help from the Tax payers was never an optoin. This program helps everyone.

Funding for group homes for autistic adults is always being cut. We eork to find ways for the truely disabled American to find his or her own way in this world. It got to the point where I could not write with out someone proofing my work.

Still others are fantastic artist both Visual and Musical. These are talants that would go to waste if the conventionally accepted model was still used. 

I teach via podcasts for a school on the other side of the world my eife and I bought a farm near the school and we will be moving before September. The last time I was in Ierland I go involved in a police investigation that I hope will be over before we get back. At any rate in is getting late and I need to get some sleep but at least I got a chance to talk about this wonderful vision. I am hoping others would share it. 

Antolic Enterprise’s mission has become my passion. I would love to pay them more but we are not government subsidized and what we do pay is through book sales or donations. One day I hope to change that so each participate is making royalties off of their own book.

Let Me Do Your Illustration Work For You.

Thumb Tack is only one tool that we use to market our services. The illustrated work you see on this blog is all done by yours truly and hopefully others who I work with. We extend our skills in video production and editting as well as graphics and illustration to the public. In an effort to help our youth turn their lives around.

We charge a low rate because our services are a part of our ministry and the people doing the work may not yet have the experience to justify the cost.

The illustrated work on this blog is all mine, at least up to this point. This way you have a good idea of what I am capable of as both an artist and a teacher.

Just to give you an example. Futhermore: the first two minutes of the Anarchy Empowered Videos was animated by my team of novices and myself.


Here are the submission requirements.

We Are Looking For Authors

If you have self published a book and would like to promote it. We would like to offer you a spot on this blog. If your work meets basic requirements, we would be glad to list your book for free. 

If you have a digital magazine that you want to tell the world about we will talk about that as well.

Why would we do this? The answer is simple. I realized that the hourly wage is no less than slavery.America is never going to improve as long as people have an employee mind set. 

is all about inspiring others to bete the odds and find freedom in the form of residual income.

A Sunrise Took On A New Meaning Today.

Today I enjoyed the morning just sitting out on the porch. The sun’s rays cut by the branches of the trees along the Tims. Dublin is so beautiful this time of year.

Due to my eye sight, I am not driving and I am forced to humble myself to the will of others to get around. I never dreamed I would ever feel so helpless. September can’t come fast enough.

In the meantime I am working on my next book and feeling blessed that Kansa is here to help. Well at this moment she is still asleep but you got my drift.

I have wirten a few books on American politics and what I have learned more than anything is non of it is about politics. At the most basic level what the political friction is from, has more to do with the two side argument over what is right and what is wrong.

Theological Anthropology seems to be a paradox in the eyes of many, but once you realise that even Atheism is a form of Religion, you must reconsider that position. As I feel the breeze across my face and hear the birds cherping, I pounder what this next year is going to bring.

Most of my students have already met me and know what the class is going to be about because of my YouTude Channel call Anarchy Empowered or our blog that you are reading now. As a result they understand and struggling that Kansa and I have had to endure due to health issues.

So when I condem the Welfare State out of moral conviction, they understand that my wife and I can realate to why people feel they need it. But I also see first hand how Welfare has destoryed the lives of those who benefit from it.

As it stands I feared going to work as a forklift driver knowing rhat I am loosing my site. More time than not I would pick up my phone to call me employer to quit, only to put it down and end up going to work, knowing that everytime I got no that forklift I was  an endangerment to both myself and others.

My wife talked about applying for disability but I could not swallow my pride. Now I sit here and watch the sun give birth to a new day and try to keep my thaughts away from feeling worthless because my life has been turned upside down.

I start work in September and the comunity here has reached out to borh Kansa and I. The thaught of how I would feel if I hit someone with a forklift huants me even now.

Contemplating life has me wondering why liberals think their way of thinking is morally correct with all the reseach and news footage that is out there. Then I got a comment on a Facebook status that answerd my question. Liberals justify their stupdity by dissmising common sense as “Fake News.”

A True Need For A Change

Only a week ago, I was miserable. I felt like my friends had sold me out. No one was listening to me about my health needs and I was making less money than a fastfood worker. 

In my last post I told you about the start of my need for a charnge came when my wife lost her benefits because I was making too much money. We never saw any if that was the case. At any rate I was sick as a dog and most of the time the conditions at work had me getting sicker by the day.

Kansa told me that we needed to find other ways to support ourselves that did not have anything to do with the government. 

On another note President Trump talks for four minutes on YouTube and spends nothing, saying more on his Free media spot in four minute than Barack Hussein Obama was able to comunicate after spending millions of taxpayers dollars on media just to say and accomplish nothing.

The unfortunate reality is that democracy has its roots found in the group narrative. An exelant example is found in the moral decay of modern television.

Over the passed year I have seen first hand how the nature if mob rule can pull a country apart. People riot in the streets of the cities that they live in and are willing to loose their jobs over bipartisan party differences. 

We as a people need to look beyond political or geographically determined lines and realize that we have other forces at work here. You can mock if you want, but I believe that Satanism had a firm hand in the most recent election.

We May Have A Way To Save You Gas Without Haveing To Buy A New Car.

The only truth that we can know for sure is that history is changed by those who are teaching it. If you asked me Obama finally leaving the Whitehouse was the first blessing that America has known in the last 8 years. If Hillary would have been aloud to win the office, I was already packed and ready to leave America renouncing my citizenship for good. After all bullets have made sure criminals like Hillary never make it to election day, why she was the exception I am not sure.

The same can be said for the Automotive Industry. The sad fact is that 120 year of the auto industry has not made any real advaced with the combustion engine. The catalytic converter was an unfortunate step back in automotive proformance. 
The hybrid electricl /combustion engine is not the eco frindly invention that the liberals want you to think. No one knows how to dispose of the batteries once they go bad. So Antolic Enterprise’s may have a simple answer that means you can expand your mileage between fill-ups, keep your old car and extend your old cars life.

We are calling it centrifical propulsion. The concept is based on Newton’s laws of motion. As you will see in the video link below.

We are still in the research and development stage of this project. Our hope is to partner with our local High schools and the Clark County Skill Center to get to prototype built.

I am also going to be to local shops about partnering with us during the development stage. Any car that we would put this device on would nolonger be street legal until testing is complete and it is approved by the Department of Transportation. As a result the vehicle would have to be towed to and from the test track.

My fear is that the public schools have no true interest in  the education of future American leaders. It is my belief that America must change this grim realty for our youth.

Family Is Forever


Most of my adult life, I have found myself trying to convince myself that I am doing alright. My family broke up when I was a Teenager and my first wife died. After my Dad left my Grabdfather died and that night I ran until I could not remember coming home.

My running was just a symbiotic foreshadowing of the rest of my life, at least until about seven years ago, when I met Kansa. The woman who is now my wife gave me the only life I care to remember. Before that was a collage of blurry images, with breif moments of Hell. 

They say that you are lost when you are living in sin. Well it is the truth. I was taking the most dangerous missions hopping that a bullet would find me. I was living a life of promiscuity and was addicted to both sex and pornography. To top things off I was living out of my backpack and had convinced myself that I was happy with my life of instability. Infact I would tell people that my instability was my stability.

The truth was, even when I conned my way into a Catholic Seminary, I was running because I did not know who God needed me to be. At one point I was a weapon for the highest bidder. Latter I rescued a family off of the roof of a collapsing house during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Like I said I was what ever the circumstances needed at the time. 

My time in the Legion taught me to forge whatever document I needed to con my way into a job. I even worked as a teacher for a time, but no one knew who I was, least of all me. But my wife introduced me to the man in the mirror and to Jesus. The family I never would have had without my wife change my life for the better. 

I put most of that life behind me and it is not easy making an honest living. But we make due. I tend to have a short feuse and a hot head but I am getting better.

Kansa and I don’t talk about my past but live for the future. She knows that I have skills that no honest person should ever have a chance to develope but we leave it there.

I am greatful for the gophel in my life. I would probably be dead otherwise.