Working on it

Kansa and I worked out what we could but we never would get back together. I still send her the occasional letter just to show that I care but at least in this life time we agreed mutually that even a friend ship my be too much. But the truth is we are just too different. She needs someone who cares about holidays and birthdays. 

The ironic is that the day she  left for good I bought her a ring to replace to one she said she lost or did she throw it away like she did to me? I had it in my hand when I was invaded by her family. I clinched it so hard that even today the pattern of the ring can be seen in the palm of my hand.

Kansa has desided to leave me.

From day one with Kansa’s councilor, the friction has been extreme. He told her to leave me, and she promised to stay but she she is going back to see him for counciling. 

When I confronted her about it, say said that I was giving her an ultimatum. I see it as Kansa never thinking of my feels on the matter and just doing what she wants. In fact the first thing she did this morning was call Doug, knowing that thus would hurt me. I am trying to be understanding but I am feeling lied to and spit on by my best friend.

I have been feeling alday that she doesn’t care about our relationship and rhat I need to just move on. I have been prayi g about this and gotten nothing so fare. At this point I am feeling a bit suicidal myself.

I have no one to turn to and Kansa is not listening. She feels that I am being selfish for getting upset about her seeking help. I say if Psychiatry was a real science Kansa would have a valid argument. But anything she tells me about multiple personalities smiply offends me. It is as if she thinks of me as some naive child who would believe anything.

Anyway it has been a long day and I just want it to end. I am hopping to feel differentially after some sleep. Kansa wants me to come and see he tomorrow but I fear that I would not be good company after being lied to and taken advantage of. Someone please shoot me and take me out of my misery.

My world is crashing down around me. My best friend has went the way of my family. I am so alone. 

I am not doing too well myself right now. I have always had Suicidal Tendencies the difference is I learned to recognized what was happening and surround myself with people my issue right now is I can’t find anybody to stay with. Being alone is dangerous for me at this piont. 

The Hospital Back Home Got Her Sick.

After about a week of Kansa being locked up in the prison they call a hospital, I started to ask myself why Kansa gets sick around both Christmas and Easter? Then I remebered that her meds were charged. 

I went back into my journal and found a trend that was unmistakable. 

  • November 15, 2010 Doctor changed meds for sleeping.
  • December 10, 2010 Kansa goes into hospital.
  • March 1, 2011 Doctor changes sleeping Meds.
  • March 10, 2011 Kansa ends up in hospital with suicidal thoughts.
  • December 3, 2011 Doct changes meds.

You can guess whst happened next. Seven years latter and the same patern is seen. It is as if the doctors were contracted to kill my wife the same way they killed my grandfather. I don’t know what to do other than stay on the Isle of Apples.

Avalon is the most beautiful of the islands ans I have always thought of her as home. Kansa would not understand why we could not go back to see her family but my families history may have put a price on her head. Here on the Isle of Apples she should be safe.

After all no council member would dream of breaking the treaty of Dann. This is sacred gound where no blood can be spilt in anger. I do pitty the fool who would ever break a covenant mad with the gods of pur fathers.

Christians dismiss and even mock the faith of the ancient religions, yet the Egyptians had 100% success rate winning the fight against cancer.

Mock me all you want, but I believe in the Tuath Dé.


Please Note: This post is a work of fiction that is used to teach a leson at

I am so tired.


We were up all night, my wife and i. She listened to her music as she paced the hard wood floor of our old farm house. At first i thaught it was jetlag, we had been traveling a bit over the passed month. But this will be our last hop for a while. It is funny to me that Kansa’a family thinks she has an accent now. I think they do. At any rate Kansa started to show signs of depression.
“Not now!” I thought, we don’t even have medical insurance yet. Never the less I had to call Faith, a student at Trenity who is working her way through school as my assigned driver. She lives just down the road, so she took now time to get here.

There was a knock on the door. “Professor Antolic! Its Faith. The service said you needed a hospital?”

“Yes, it’s Kansa! Thank you for being so quick.”

“Not an issue Professor. Welcome back home.” Faith helped me pick up my wife and put her in the car. “We will take her to Saint James. But you look beat, I will stay with her. Take the care and go home.”

When we got to the hospital I saw Glenn. “Professor, your back! Welcome. Thanks for your help on that thing a little bit ago. We were able to close the case with some help from what you gave us.”

“I am glad to her it.” I said as I greated him with a hand shake.
“You look beat Proff, let’s finish our business here and I’ll take you home. You should not be driving and you know it.” Glenn took Faith’s keys from me and gave them back to her. “That is why the school hired my sister.” Faith chuckled under her breath.

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Paying people to Advertise?

It may sound foolish but I think it may be genius. Antolic Enterprises is going to use the Affiliate part of the Empowerment Ministry Program to pay people to drive trafic to their own clasifide advertisement.

Here is how it works the user will post an add to sell anything, but he or she must register to do so. We then assign an affiliate code to the end of the url that is going to be assigned for their add. Now the classifide add will potentiality make the advertising individual money if and when the url generates a sale if one of our advertised products.

This is a win win for everyone. We get exposure and the adertiser gets a chance to sell his or her goods. But they would have to go to

Networking For Success

I see that I have a major change ahead of me. How do I implement our Empowerment Ministry in such a way that the disabled person can. Signup, submit his or her work and have it edited and approved online from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, how do we get the word out about what we are trying to do? This blog is our tool for brainstorming. Outside comments are always welcomed. We use the social networking sites to exspand our exposure. 

We are in the early stages of this project. At this point

Truth is Subjective

In between unpacking, getting ready for shcool and a murder investigation that I was never planning to be apart of I have been building the website for Anarchy Empowered’s website. I thought it would be easier to keep the business and magazine separate since I will be using video from the magazine to teach my class.

As I was going through A.E.’s messages I read one that got my attention. A YouTube user comented on a statement I made on the Whitehouse Channel.

I was told that the statment in the title is a contradiction due to the asolute nutaure of truth. This much is correct but when dealing with the human cultural paradigm, we must take into account the fact that each culture will define what truth is in a different manner.

We call this phenomenon, “perceptive reality.” Think about it if the outcome it the American revolution had a different outcome, the Sons of Liberty would have been hung for treason.

The Liberal who made the comment tried to trip my up by asking me to give examples.  I told her that one is eazy, just look at what was acceptable on television in 1950s versus what they play today. I went in to say that the acceptance of EBT cards in restaurants would have never hapened only 20 years ago.

God Doesn’t Call The Qualified, He Qualifies The Called.

Growing up I was never the best student. However, I always had a desire to learn. I also wanted to join the military but I don’t test well and was functionally illiterate. 

My childhood was spent being told that the government was going to have to take care of me because I was not thaught to be able bodied or intelligent in the eyes of my mother. The ida of not earning my way in life turned my stomach and I ran away the day my Grandfather died.

I knew that I had to prove myself to the world and remembering my Grandfather’s history lessons the Foreign Leagon seemed like a good place to start.

By the grace of God, I was solected and not only did I prove myself to be a credit to my unit, I learned that I could do anything that I share God’s will in. I was not going to buy into  the rhetoric of multigenerational Government subsidized prostitution, and sought to change my stars.

I graduated 3rd from the bottom of my class at Mountain View High School, but only because I was 8000 miles away and had to finish school though correspondence courses. That is when we were not being shot at or having to bug out because the base camp was getting too close to the action.

I continued on in my education even to this day. I am always studying a new language or other aspects of anthropology. I am currently working on yet another book that will talk about cancer research in the ancient world. Yet growing up even my mother thought I was mentally challenged. At this point I have published 7 books that you can find on Amazon and hold a Ph.D in Theological Anthropology. Don’t let the people around you tell you that you can’t do something. The direction of your future is between you and God and no one eles.

Isn’t it time to change your stars?

If you remember Glenn brought a friend by. His name was Captain Ron Pike, of Scotland Yard. “Dr. Antolic, my friend needs your help.”

“OK Glenn come on in and have a seat, I will be right in as soon as I feed the Democrats, sorry sheep.”

To two men sat down at the kitchen table. “Do you think your friend can help me? From what I understood Professor Antolic is a researcher and not a forensic anthropologist?” 

“You are correct but does any of your lab techs at the yard know any thing about the Occult? Tony teaches this stuff for a reason.” Captain Pike put some pictures out on the table.

Glenn staired at each groosome picture as the inspector put them down. “She was a purity girl, who was she?” Glenn asked the inspector.

“Who was who?” Kansa asked as Faith and Kansa came through the door with some groceries.

Then Faith looked down at the table. “Oh my!” Faith back away from the table.

“What is it Faith?” My wife looked down as Captain Pike put the last photos down on the table. “Was this what you need my husband’s help with?”

Kansa ushered Faith into the other room. “Come Faith the business in here is none of ours.”

By that time I finished up with the sheep and came through the door. I saw the pictures and told the two men that this was not my field of expertise. “I am sorry, but I can’t help you.”

“Thank you for your time anyway. Will you at least take a closer look before we leave?”

“The body was moved and posed for your benefite. Was there another body found earlier?” Glenn nodded and pulled out another picture.

“The victim’s left arm pointed to the spot that this body was found two day’s before.” Glenn told me.

“I think we should just work your pub and leave this stuff alone.” I told Glenn.

“I can’t Tony, I am a cop. Will you help us?”

“Take me to the site.”  Kansa and Faith stayed behind, they did not want anything to do with what wss on the herizon and I don’t blame them.

Could I have been wrong about Trump being Hitler?

As I look forward to the prospects of my new job, I am also forced to reflect on what Kansa and I have had to endure over this passed year. The prospect of my having cancer, and having Kansa watch my health go down hill until we got a handle on it took its tool. Having my life threatened by angree Liberals after Trump won the election did not sit well with Kansa either.

The election for America’s future in 2016 cost us many friends. I lost more than Kansa but the fact is this election changed many lives.
I defended trump when people, sorry Liberals Socialist Scum, compared Trump to Hitler but the more I thought about it, his is. Now the two videos that you see on this post explaines the harsh reality behind human nature and the perception of authority.

I put together these videos to educate others about the truth behind political friction. Here is an example. Before I left LWO I was sick as a dog. The dust from the production of wood products and the mould in the appartment had me develope asma.

My supperviser had real issues with following up on a raise that I was promised but never came. He tranfered me from the Warehouse to Production and I knew that I had to leave. My last straw was a Temporary Worker showing me his paystub and he was making $3.00 more an hour than I was after a year of working for the company. I go to my boss and tell him that I was ready to quit after seeing that, so he pulls out my review that he had been sitting on for a year and shows me what I would be making if he got off his but and did something about it. Then he puts it in the same spot it was and says he just needs to get it signed. 

I was caughing up blood vomiting all night long and still putting in 110% for him and all he could do was transfer me out of his department and brush my concerns off like they were nothing.

A leader has a responsiblity to the people he is overseeing. The indifference about my health even after talking to my doctors personally and his indifference about the work I was doing for him in the Warehouse was enough to make a phone call at launch. The next day I had a job.

There were several things about my supperviser at LWO that I observed that logically would mean his loss of authority. His lack of ability to follow through was the biggest issue. When I told him that I was quitting, he volunteered to write me a letting of recomendation that I would have needed in two days. It never happened.

However the basic traits of a leader are universal, and for that reason someone to say that Donald John Trump is “litterly Hitler” is to identify him as a leader. Now make no mistake, the events that suround Adolf Hittler are horrific, but no one can deny that the man got things done.

But if you compare the rhetoric of the Liberal party of Germany during the time of World War II, with the American Liberals of today, one has to wonder how much of a roll Hitler truely had in the Jewish Holocaust. 

You see there is little difference between the protests of today’s America and Germany in 1942. The National Socialists fuled anger against the 1% who were the jews and let the nature of Mob Rule take over.

As Kansa and I had breakfast look out the window of our new home, I could not help but remember how angree I was at Justin for transfering me with no warning to the same department that was making me sick and the thought came to me that if I was a German and Justin was my Jewish employer, I could see how such resentment could be manifested. Humans are exstremely malable when it comes our political nature.

Now I must ask you, how much Hitler was truely involved and how much was the free will of agree sheep that fell pray to the propaganda like the Anti-Trump rioters? The kids we saw on the streets souded much like the youth who later became Hitler’s Brown Shirts and SS officers.

We must remember that Germany had universal healthcare,  a nationalzed industrial complex, and every one worked. There wellfare system was replaced with work camps that would soon become death camps as the number of interments kept growing.

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