Business Plan For New Beginnings

New Beginnings is what I am calling a social experiment that is aimed at keeping a homeless family together rather than encouraging the mother to reject the father and seek help from a broken welfare state that is only interested in keeping the program going through participation. 

Unlike the Welfare State which is designed to keep the participants in the system and encourage the next generation to get trapped in the system as well: New Beginning is designed to be a step up. Once a house is established the tenants have two months to find employment. Each parent takes turns watching the other children so the parents can go to work.

We are currently seeing the results of the first daycare generation manifest in the workplace and what is being seen in not good. The subjects seem to think that the world owes them something. As a result they never learned how to work. Of course they didn’t, teaching your child a tradebis the role of the father and not some government subsidies from the Welfare State.

Research has shown that a child without both parents in his or her life is more likely to have a criminal record, use drugs, and be unable to keep a job. 

On the other hand, a child who has both parents in his or her life showing through example how to work and provide for his or her family tend to have a better education and be much more stable in their home life.

This model is intended to help break the chain of generational Welfare use and offer a stable home environment for the children while their parents are motivated to kick the drug and alcohol habits that got them in trouble in the first place. 

But to make this program a reality, we are going to need a house to work out of and qualified councilors to help the participants along the way.

The Rules Of The House

The rules of the project are simple. No Drugs or Alcohol use for any reason. The family must show an effort to save money to get out on their own. They are required to pay rent once they have an income. As I said simple and straightforward.

Stage One “The Start Up Stage”

We are currently in the start up stage of this project. We are looking for benefactors who believe in the project enough to donate funds to buy the house. We are looking for volunteers to help the project run smoothly. We are also looking for people to sit on the Board of Directors. This is the stage where most good ideas burn out. But by God’s grace this of will not.

Stage Two “Logistics / Making Things Happen”

Once the Board of Directors is assembled and the first house is secure, it is time for people to learn about the program. It is at this point that we contact Share Vancouver and the local churches and food banks to network and try and fill the beds. We would also pay for air time one the Fish Radio station. After all if you don’t have people donating or using the program what good is it?

If you wish to get involved please contact Anthony Antolic @ 503-489-3274 or email


We Are Looking For Authors

If you have self published a book and would like to promote it. We would like to offer you a spot on this blog. If your work meets basic requirements, we would be glad to list your book for free. 

If you have a digital magazine that you want to tell the world about we will talk about that as well.

Why would we do this? The answer is simple. I realized that the hourly wage is no less than slavery.America is never going to improve as long as people have an employee mind set. 

is all about inspiring others to bete the odds and find freedom in the form of residual income.

What Would You Look For, To Put Together The Perfect Team?

Every day I wake up and get ready to head off to work. There is nothing special about that. On the other hand, if look at the percentage of Americans who seem to be OK with accepting government handouts, maybe going to work and being reliable is much more rare than you might think. At any rate, I realized that reliability is more important to my than I every thought it would be growing up.

I come home from working in the warehouse, and fill orders for A.E. and continue to work on whatever research project I may be working on at the time. Lately I have been obsessed with natural methods to figjt cancer. Yet I find myself overwhelmed with the workload.

As a result I have been contemplating putting together my own production team, to take some stress off of my wife and I. In my days of service I found that the best teams are intuitive of the needs of the others members. 

The phrase there is no I in TEAM is crap. The best teams in the world are made up of members that know every other member’s job and are willing and able to take up the slack if the Medic gets shot or the Com-Op is taken out of service. 

No radios are used behind enemy lines, that is Hollywood. The mission is drilled to the point that no member has to ask questions while operational. This kind of Teamwork, has no place for pacing the buck. A hesitation could mean mission failure and collateral damage.

But how do you find a group of people who would work together so well in the real world? 

I have been selling arms ever since I left the service. Some years my wife and I have more money than we know what to do with. But this year, my family has had some financial set backs due to Health.

My wife and I have both been sick and we have not been able to get everything back up as fast as I would like. Our books are published and in stock but we do not have all the inventory up. Please be patient with us.

We will have the rest of the products back up soon.

Our Magazine has a home

Endure To Live has a home while not everything is set up yet, we do have a couple articles on the site. We are still lookung for contributors and artists. This is not a paid position at this point. We are hopung ro change that.

But for now I need to let people understand the truth behind the riots. Trump or Hillary these riots were already planned to happen.

I am not going to play into the current conspiracy theories because I don’t believe that any one can control another human being unless that individual gives another person permission to do so.

However, Liberal scum has always acted like drones in a bee hive and seem to want to be controled.