My Worst Fears Have Been Realized.

I got home from work on Friday of last week and diesel off only to be woken up by Kana’s voice calling me. At first I was extremely happy to know that she was out of the hospital. Then I went into the living room.

My wife was surrounded by her family who came to Dublin Ireland from Vancouver, Washington in the USA, to support Kansa’s discussion to file for a divorce. As I went to give my wife a long awaited kiss that was not returned, she told me that she was going to be staying with her mom for a while. At that point Kansa’s sisters broke away and began to raid our home. It was a well planned escape that the Benet woman seemed to have mastered. I was given the divorce decree as they left.

Over the last few days Kansa has dissolved and taken down Anarchy Empowered. Stolen a large some of money and closed all of our bank accounts and dismantled our e-commerce payment networks. 

Kansa has 4 sisters and a mother who have all been through a divorce. They are masters at revenge but all I ever did was Love Kansa. Why do I deserve this?

However, I have come to terms with her absence, lovingly missing her for the rest of my days.

My life had to change and hopefully I can change for the better. Kansa taking her name off the lease and giving me all kinds of personal things to work on means that I am on my own. I knew that my $740.00 a month is not going to pay the $765.00 that is my rent.

I bought in a roommate to split the cost of rent and to keep me sane during the transition.

The Hospital Back Home Got Her Sick.

After about a week of Kansa being locked up in the prison they call a hospital, I started to ask myself why Kansa gets sick around both Christmas and Easter? Then I remebered that her meds were charged. 

I went back into my journal and found a trend that was unmistakable. 

  • November 15, 2010 Doctor changed meds for sleeping.
  • December 10, 2010 Kansa goes into hospital.
  • March 1, 2011 Doctor changes sleeping Meds.
  • March 10, 2011 Kansa ends up in hospital with suicidal thoughts.
  • December 3, 2011 Doct changes meds.

You can guess whst happened next. Seven years latter and the same patern is seen. It is as if the doctors were contracted to kill my wife the same way they killed my grandfather. I don’t know what to do other than stay on the Isle of Apples.

Avalon is the most beautiful of the islands ans I have always thought of her as home. Kansa would not understand why we could not go back to see her family but my families history may have put a price on her head. Here on the Isle of Apples she should be safe.

After all no council member would dream of breaking the treaty of Dann. This is sacred gound where no blood can be spilt in anger. I do pitty the fool who would ever break a covenant mad with the gods of pur fathers.

Christians dismiss and even mock the faith of the ancient religions, yet the Egyptians had 100% success rate winning the fight against cancer.

Mock me all you want, but I believe in the Tuath Dé.


Please Note: This post is a work of fiction that is used to teach a leson at

I am so tired.


We were up all night, my wife and i. She listened to her music as she paced the hard wood floor of our old farm house. At first i thaught it was jetlag, we had been traveling a bit over the passed month. But this will be our last hop for a while. It is funny to me that Kansa’a family thinks she has an accent now. I think they do. At any rate Kansa started to show signs of depression.
“Not now!” I thought, we don’t even have medical insurance yet. Never the less I had to call Faith, a student at Trenity who is working her way through school as my assigned driver. She lives just down the road, so she took now time to get here.

There was a knock on the door. “Professor Antolic! Its Faith. The service said you needed a hospital?”

“Yes, it’s Kansa! Thank you for being so quick.”

“Not an issue Professor. Welcome back home.” Faith helped me pick up my wife and put her in the car. “We will take her to Saint James. But you look beat, I will stay with her. Take the care and go home.”

When we got to the hospital I saw Glenn. “Professor, your back! Welcome. Thanks for your help on that thing a little bit ago. We were able to close the case with some help from what you gave us.”

“I am glad to her it.” I said as I greated him with a hand shake.
“You look beat Proff, let’s finish our business here and I’ll take you home. You should not be driving and you know it.” Glenn took Faith’s keys from me and gave them back to her. “That is why the school hired my sister.” Faith chuckled under her breath.

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Have you ever been overwhelmed?

This is how I have been feeling thesedays. Sometimes I know that I need to just take a step back and get a new prospective, but who has the time?

Antolic Enterprises tries to work off of mostly volunteers but at this point I don’t have enough people to make up for the work load.

My fist course in Anthropology is being written and we will have it opened for people to audit. Kansa and I are going back to Ireland on tuesdays. Glenn and his sister Faith are holding down the fort for us until we get back. In the meantime, writing content for both sites and building this course has meant that I can’t keep my eyes opened. I am going to find a rack, good night.

May the Load be with you.

You can find the syllabus for Anthro 468 on Anarchy Empowered’s website. That will give you all you need to know about the course. It is being written for Dublin Local Stundents from Trinity College but the course work anyone can take. This is the wonderful thing about the net.

Let Me Do Your Illustration Work For You.

Thumb Tack is only one tool that we use to market our services. The illustrated work you see on this blog is all done by yours truly and hopefully others who I work with. We extend our skills in video production and editting as well as graphics and illustration to the public. In an effort to help our youth turn their lives around.

We charge a low rate because our services are a part of our ministry and the people doing the work may not yet have the experience to justify the cost.

The illustrated work on this blog is all mine, at least up to this point. This way you have a good idea of what I am capable of as both an artist and a teacher.

Just to give you an example. Futhermore: the first two minutes of the Anarchy Empowered Videos was animated by my team of novices and myself.

Here are the submission requirements.

Some Days Just Never Seem To End.

Have you ever had you of those days that seem to just keep dragging on. Lastnight I was taken to look at a crime scene. This morning I went to cash some checks, did an interview with one if our lical radio stations and tended the sheep with a few farm hands.

Spring is comming and it is nearing time to flees many of the sheep. Griff, the ranch forman says that the whool is the bulk of our income for the year so it was inportant to sell it for a good price. After unloading the whool at the mill, it eas back to the bank and as soon as we got home Glenn and Ron were waiting to head back to the crime scene. Will this day ever end?

Before I got out of Griff’s truck I say a little pray for strength. “You going to be alright, boss? Do you want me to send these men away?”

“No Griff thanks, but this is something that the Lord has called me to do.” Griff unloaded the bushels from the truck as I got out to start it all over.

“Are you ok Professor? I missed you at the pub this morning.”

“Yes, Glenn it has just been a long day. Is your forensics team meeting us there?”

Captain Ron Pike answered for his partner, “they are already there.”

The Crime Scene

“This is it.” Glenn told me as we pulled up. “You can”t open the door Professor, one of us is going to have to do that from the outside.”
“It may sound like a cliche but I truely have.never been in the back of a police car before.” Captain Pike opened the door for me and I steped out of the car.

“I hope you can point us in the right direction. Dublin may be a large city but we don’t have to deal with this kind of thing often.” Captain Pike explained.

” I will do my best but all I can tell you is that a ritual is involved or not.”

“That is why you a here, my friend.” Glenn responed as he opened a door to an old cript.

“This is a bit like an Aleister Crowley nightmare.”

“That is why you are here, Professor.” The Captain reiterated.

“But that is my point. Crowley mad up things as he went along. He knew nothing about Ancient Traditions nor did he care. From my first glance these are not Occult activities, but rather some crack pot trying to make you think it is.”

“Well noted, but you will look further?” Glenn pleaded.

“My dear friend, that is why I am here.” We all laughed at the bad joke and entered into the crypt.

The dark crypt was not filled with stale air, indicating it had been opened recently. “Was the crypt opened before you got here?”

“This is exactly how we found it. But this tumb is highly trafficked due to who was buried here, people come from all over the world to visit this spot.” The statement puzzled me. Who’s crypt are we standing in?

I began to look around and found the name plate. “Arthur Griffith, 1872-1922! Is this a joke, we are stand in the tumb of the man who founded Sinn Fien.”

“Better than that my friend. Look around. All of the key players in ierish independence are here. The Cemetery was in danger of size reduced so all of these men and woman were moved here. They call this “the Hall of Freedom.” Glenn explained to me.

“I may have to amend my originally stated thesis. The Occult tends to draw power from places like this that hold strength of social consciousness.”

“So you are saying…?” Captain Pike interupted.

“I am saying this deserve deeper investigation.”

“We lost the daylight. Let’s come back in the morning.”

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    The Homeless Family

    Sometimes I get so into what I do that I forget why we do it. I can tell you all kinds of stories and get your mind going but if I don’t ground the mission once and a while and set away from our amazing life and get back into the trrnches all our work is for not. 
    The other day I saw a father and his autistic daughter standing in the rain on the off ramp. The both held a sign that said simply help us. My heart weept for them and I even turn arpun to offer the father a job. But they were gone ny the time I got back to them.

    Ever since then, I have been keeping an eye out for the pair but no luck. The Homeless population of Dublin doesn’t seem to be nearly as high as in Portland. But it could just be that the Ierish hide things better.

    These stories are meant to entertain and a few of the my do that but in an hour Glenn and ihs friend are going to pick me up to investigate the darker side of the Emerald Isle. I am not looking forward to that.

    I had a time when Kansa and I first got married that it seemed like we would never get on our feet. However, it did not take me long to realized that it was the limitations on our income by the wellfare state that was keeping us from getting out of the trap. I don’t beleive in hand outs and I was recently told that 90% of the people in the USA who receive Wellfare work.

    I have to call Bull Shit on that one because it only took 30 minnutes to put together the video that you see below. If the 90% figure wasn’t Bullshit I would have had to work harder to find useable footage.

    I believe that it is the right as a human being to work to support your family. If I find the man and his daughter, I would have given him a job and a place to stay. That is not a hand out. He would be earn his keep.

    God Doesn’t Call The Qualified, He Qualifies The Called.

    Growing up I was never the best student. However, I always had a desire to learn. I also wanted to join the military but I don’t test well and was functionally illiterate. 

    My childhood was spent being told that the government was going to have to take care of me because I was not thaught to be able bodied or intelligent in the eyes of my mother. The ida of not earning my way in life turned my stomach and I ran away the day my Grandfather died.

    I knew that I had to prove myself to the world and remembering my Grandfather’s history lessons the Foreign Leagon seemed like a good place to start.

    By the grace of God, I was solected and not only did I prove myself to be a credit to my unit, I learned that I could do anything that I share God’s will in. I was not going to buy into  the rhetoric of multigenerational Government subsidized prostitution, and sought to change my stars.

    I graduated 3rd from the bottom of my class at Mountain View High School, but only because I was 8000 miles away and had to finish school though correspondence courses. That is when we were not being shot at or having to bug out because the base camp was getting too close to the action.

    I continued on in my education even to this day. I am always studying a new language or other aspects of anthropology. I am currently working on yet another book that will talk about cancer research in the ancient world. Yet growing up even my mother thought I was mentally challenged. At this point I have published 7 books that you can find on Amazon and hold a Ph.D in Theological Anthropology. Don’t let the people around you tell you that you can’t do something. The direction of your future is between you and God and no one eles.

    Isn’t it time to change your stars?

    If you remember Glenn brought a friend by. His name was Captain Ron Pike, of Scotland Yard. “Dr. Antolic, my friend needs your help.”

    “OK Glenn come on in and have a seat, I will be right in as soon as I feed the Democrats, sorry sheep.”

    To two men sat down at the kitchen table. “Do you think your friend can help me? From what I understood Professor Antolic is a researcher and not a forensic anthropologist?” 

    “You are correct but does any of your lab techs at the yard know any thing about the Occult? Tony teaches this stuff for a reason.” Captain Pike put some pictures out on the table.

    Glenn staired at each groosome picture as the inspector put them down. “She was a purity girl, who was she?” Glenn asked the inspector.

    “Who was who?” Kansa asked as Faith and Kansa came through the door with some groceries.

    Then Faith looked down at the table. “Oh my!” Faith back away from the table.

    “What is it Faith?” My wife looked down as Captain Pike put the last photos down on the table. “Was this what you need my husband’s help with?”

    Kansa ushered Faith into the other room. “Come Faith the business in here is none of ours.”

    By that time I finished up with the sheep and came through the door. I saw the pictures and told the two men that this was not my field of expertise. “I am sorry, but I can’t help you.”

    “Thank you for your time anyway. Will you at least take a closer look before we leave?”

    “The body was moved and posed for your benefite. Was there another body found earlier?” Glenn nodded and pulled out another picture.

    “The victim’s left arm pointed to the spot that this body was found two day’s before.” Glenn told me.

    “I think we should just work your pub and leave this stuff alone.” I told Glenn.

    “I can’t Tony, I am a cop. Will you help us?”

    “Take me to the site.”  Kansa and Faith stayed behind, they did not want anything to do with what wss on the herizon and I don’t blame them.