Anarchy Empowered

wp-1486275264268.pngis an online that is free to all who wish to learn. The idea is that our government sensors the Press and uses the mainstream press as a propaganda tool to really the ignorant and uninformed to use them as puppets in the public arena.

A.E. covers topics like Agenda 21 and the intentional under-educating of American youth. It is sad when a fifth grader 20 years ago knew more about the US Constitution than a Grad student today. We are here to change that.

15 years ago a man walked right through President George W. Bush’s Secret Service and shook the new President’s hand. The man handed him a coin and vanished into the crowd before the protection detail knew what was happening. The only people who saw this happen were the ones who watched it live. The sations were ordered not to talk about it. This is the kind of stuff that A.E. covers.

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