Requirements For Book Submission and Consignment Agreement.

To begin with, we are thankful that you are taking the time to read through our requirements for book listings on

Now here are some requirements that must be abided by, for your book to qualify for our listings. Please understand that I reguard this website as my ministry and take these standards quite seriously.

Profain language of any kind, including taking the Lord’s name in vain will automatically disqualify your book.

Subject Requirements

The content of your book must fall into one of these cadagories:

Instructional: a cook book or how to book

Education: a text book in English Grammar, Journalism, Histoy, Anthropology (Women’s Studies of Socialogy arge disqualify subjects due to government agendas) , Math and so on. Books on child education must be acredited or endorsed by private Christian Orginizations to qualify and protect American children from the agendas of the public education systems. 

Entertainment: Absolutely NO ADULT content or profanities.

If your book meets this criteria please send a copy of your letter of intent and contact information with your book to:

Antolic Enterprises

1414 NE Minnehaha Street, Vancouver, WA. 98664

After reading and aproveing it for listing we will contact you about the details of how you want the listing to read.

We do not charge a fee to list your book on our site.

We do however ask that you comtribute comtent to the site and tell your friends about us. You may also want to make a small donation to help keep the service free. But that is optional.