We All Make Our Choices

Someone asked me, “how did you get out of the worst relationship of your life?” After explaining that I made a choice to potentially be homeless to get free, I also realized that it was my choices that created the position that I was in, in the first place.

We must always acknowledge our God given intellect and free will when looking back on our lives. Jojo is a mother of three. Her choice of life style currently has her homeless. New Beginnings is months away from opening the first house, otherwise I would have offered her a room.

I met Jojo on the bus the day she was released after 30 days in jail. Once again her choices had direct consequences. She blamed the man she was with at the time, but it has her choice to be with him. My choices wound up putting me out on the street if it was not the Steiners taking me in.

I was the one who brought in a roommate who never paid any rent or got on the lease. I was the one who called Darlene in the first place because I am so afraid of living alone. I didn’t consider that we never got along in the first place.

It is choices like these that have people end up being homeless. Everything we do has it’s consequences.


America is free after 8 years of the Obamanation!

This election had to be the most polarized of my life time. So why was this the case? 

Shortly after people realized that they elected Trump, those who wanted their handouts took to the streets in protest. “I am poor and I need food stamps to feed my kids. Trump wants to take them away from me.” One woman told me.

That is not true. Trump wants you to work for them. What the protest in portland were rallying about was the fact that people who have gotten use to having things handed to them with no effort on their part now have to work for their daily bread. By the way this is a Biblical standard. “If you don’t work you don’t eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

One of the problems with Liberals is that they don’t seem to understand the basic idea that if you lower the minimum wage and putting a salary cap on every one would lower the cost of livingl, by forcing the rule of suply and demand, and people who are working but still can’t afford to live than could.
But Welfare is not really the issue ether. I have seen people swipe their food stamp card for their kid’s food and pay for their beer and cigarettes out of their own pocket. Thus the taxpayers are paying to raise this persons child while he or she feeds the addiction that is helping keep them in poverty.

The Bible says that “the poor will always be with you, but you will not always have me [Jesus]” (Matthew 26). The choices that people make put them into the position that they are in. Those choices that are poorly made draws us further away from Christ. In most cases those who are working but can’t afford to live have things in their lives that puts a division between both them and their family and them and Christ.

My wife and I are far from rich but we make due. Today we have no food in my house and only enough money for two quarter pounder meals at McDonald’s, but I get paid tomorrow. Yet, I would have never voted for a Democrat because I don’t believe in welfare.

I have 20/70 vision in my Right eye and am blind in my left yet I never filed for disability, because I can talk to this computer and still make a living. It is my choice not to vote for a woman who has no value for human life because if elected who is to say my life would not be forfeit?