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Thanks to crypto-curencies miner tech, we will not be using affiliate marketing to fund the magazine. We also will not be asking for donations to help keep the site going. AnarchyEmpowered.Com will take longer to loader for most CPUs but this is not an error, Antolic Enterprises is using the power of our reader’s computer to mine crypto-curencies while you read our articles. We will make this clear to our readership so they can choose not to come to our site, but we are hoping that we will not lose our following for this trade off.


Bitcoin and other Cryptos may be the key to freedom.

Inflation is not more than a tax on the people that is pushed on us by opression of government. Crypto-curencies work by the agreement of the community who uses them. The value of Bitcoin for example is truly based on the rules of supply and demand.

The community published only a set amount of the Bitcoin currency and the value is based on how much of it is in circulation. Bitcoin numbers are software that clarifies transactions and make a percentage of the transaction. Basically the power of money is given back to the people and taken away from government, as it should be.

As I write this post my phone is mining for Bitcoin. In effect miners have taken over the role of government. Of course this is met with opposition from people who depend on government resources that depend on taxes. Because No one controls this web based economy no one can regulate it, meaning no government can tax it.

As more people choose this alternative currency less resources the governments of the world have to give out. This will result in a last ditch effort to raise taxes on those who are still using the governments currency and ultimately failure of government infrastructures for lack of funds.

As a result of the writing on the wall, propaganda has been put out trying to scare Bitcoin users into avoiding it all together. But the truth is people started using Bitcoin due to a lack of confidence in their own government currency. That faith is not easily earned back. In the meantime, those of us who are onboard will by sell and trade without the government’s consent.