Freedom has value

So many think that domestic violence is only a crime against women. Well I am here to tell you the rest of the story.

For the past 8 months I was trapped in the subberb of hell known as Estancia, OR. I was not allowed to get a job and I had to ask permission to go anywhere. The person I was living with would scream at me for even the smallest thing. I was in Hell. Broken bones and cracked teeth served as proof that I would not hit a woman. I stayed because I felt I had no where to go. She was the cause of my loosing my job and my apartment in the first place. But friends told me that they would take me in.

It took me three days to find a job in Vancouver and I am much happier now. I am going to church again which was another thing my warden would not let me do and I am at peace with my choosing to leave. I had to make an excuse to leave the house to make my escape with only the clothing on my person. 

Hope, the dog I took with me would not leave my side and I could not take her with me. So I had to tie her up on a fence and go my separate way. I found out later that Hope made her way back to Darlene, I was hoping a homeless person would take her. She would have been better off.

Now I am staying with people who care about me and am working towards finding my own place. I have my life back thanks to friends and God’s grace. I am free!

But freedom comes at a price. I was not able to leave with the things I needed to rebuild my life, so I had to replace my Social Security Card and other things that I was not thinking about when I left.

The night before I left I arranged for my father to pick me up. I only needed to get out. A feeling of peace came over me once my decision to leave was made. All of the problems of the past 8 months just disappeared.

I would no longer be isolated from the world like a POW. I did that already, my mission was to find a means of escape and follow through with the plan. I needed an excuse to leave the house that can only be described as a prison.

So I took the dog for a walk. I waited for a bus to get out of Hell and into something resembling civilization. From there I would make a choice. But what ever I was going to do, I could not take Hope with me. I had to tie her to a fence so the dog would not fallow me.