Protagonist Bail Tempist

Bail is a Vampire who has also called himself Adrian. In fact he is the first of the Vampire. Bail was cursed to walk the ever after driving a spire through Christ’s side.

Unlike most vampire that you here about, Bail can walk in the sunlight. This character is the protagonist of the functional novel, “the Enemy at the Gate,” Which is my current project.

Bail is based of every positive influence I had or have in my life

Antolic Familytree

Most people do their familytree and find something cool and stop there. However on one side of my family evidence of the past is distroyed or intentionally not recorded. The odd thing is on my Father’s side of the family my wife and I found plenty of evidence that I could be related to Vlad Tepes the 3rd. 

That’s right I said it. I have a direct blood line to Count Dracula. Yup meet my Grand Dad.Yes through a long chain of psychotic relatives, I am related to the one real life vampiric ruler of Transylvania. Is that where my fascination with the Occult comes from. These rhings have bwen rushing through my head while I go to talk to the CSI at the lab.

Dublin is a far cry from Romania but any time a community has more than one murder the population freaks.

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The reaction is justified in that the act is such a contradiction to the moral consciousness of the corrective that all of the human residual fight or flight responses go wild.

Some Days Just Never Seem To End.

Have you ever had you of those days that seem to just keep dragging on. Lastnight I was taken to look at a crime scene. This morning I went to cash some checks, did an interview with one if our lical radio stations and tended the sheep with a few farm hands.

Spring is comming and it is nearing time to flees many of the sheep. Griff, the ranch forman says that the whool is the bulk of our income for the year so it was inportant to sell it for a good price. After unloading the whool at the mill, it eas back to the bank and as soon as we got home Glenn and Ron were waiting to head back to the crime scene. Will this day ever end?

Before I got out of Griff’s truck I say a little pray for strength. “You going to be alright, boss? Do you want me to send these men away?”

“No Griff thanks, but this is something that the Lord has called me to do.” Griff unloaded the bushels from the truck as I got out to start it all over.

“Are you ok Professor? I missed you at the pub this morning.”

“Yes, Glenn it has just been a long day. Is your forensics team meeting us there?”

Captain Ron Pike answered for his partner, “they are already there.”

God Doesn’t Call The Qualified, He Qualifies The Called.

Growing up I was never the best student. However, I always had a desire to learn. I also wanted to join the military but I don’t test well and was functionally illiterate. 

My childhood was spent being told that the government was going to have to take care of me because I was not thaught to be able bodied or intelligent in the eyes of my mother. The ida of not earning my way in life turned my stomach and I ran away the day my Grandfather died.

I knew that I had to prove myself to the world and remembering my Grandfather’s history lessons the Foreign Leagon seemed like a good place to start.

By the grace of God, I was solected and not only did I prove myself to be a credit to my unit, I learned that I could do anything that I share God’s will in. I was not going to buy into  the rhetoric of multigenerational Government subsidized prostitution, and sought to change my stars.

I graduated 3rd from the bottom of my class at Mountain View High School, but only because I was 8000 miles away and had to finish school though correspondence courses. That is when we were not being shot at or having to bug out because the base camp was getting too close to the action.

I continued on in my education even to this day. I am always studying a new language or other aspects of anthropology. I am currently working on yet another book that will talk about cancer research in the ancient world. Yet growing up even my mother thought I was mentally challenged. At this point I have published 7 books that you can find on Amazon and hold a Ph.D in Theological Anthropology. Don’t let the people around you tell you that you can’t do something. The direction of your future is between you and God and no one eles.

Isn’t it time to change your stars?

If you remember Glenn brought a friend by. His name was Captain Ron Pike, of Scotland Yard. “Dr. Antolic, my friend needs your help.”

“OK Glenn come on in and have a seat, I will be right in as soon as I feed the Democrats, sorry sheep.”

To two men sat down at the kitchen table. “Do you think your friend can help me? From what I understood Professor Antolic is a researcher and not a forensic anthropologist?” 

“You are correct but does any of your lab techs at the yard know any thing about the Occult? Tony teaches this stuff for a reason.” Captain Pike put some pictures out on the table.

Glenn staired at each groosome picture as the inspector put them down. “She was a purity girl, who was she?” Glenn asked the inspector.

“Who was who?” Kansa asked as Faith and Kansa came through the door with some groceries.

Then Faith looked down at the table. “Oh my!” Faith back away from the table.

“What is it Faith?” My wife looked down as Captain Pike put the last photos down on the table. “Was this what you need my husband’s help with?”

Kansa ushered Faith into the other room. “Come Faith the business in here is none of ours.”

By that time I finished up with the sheep and came through the door. I saw the pictures and told the two men that this was not my field of expertise. “I am sorry, but I can’t help you.”

“Thank you for your time anyway. Will you at least take a closer look before we leave?”

“The body was moved and posed for your benefite. Was there another body found earlier?” Glenn nodded and pulled out another picture.

“The victim’s left arm pointed to the spot that this body was found two day’s before.” Glenn told me.

“I think we should just work your pub and leave this stuff alone.” I told Glenn.

“I can’t Tony, I am a cop. Will you help us?”

“Take me to the site.”  Kansa and Faith stayed behind, they did not want anything to do with what wss on the herizon and I don’t blame them.

Our First Sunday In Our New Home

Saint Ann’s is one of the most beautiful churches on the island of apples. Located on Dawson Street near Trinty Collage, it seemed like my Catholic roots were calling to me as her bells rang for morning prayer. 

Kansa was still a sleep and the clock read 5:00 I could not call Faith to give me a ride in it was just too early. I went down to the pub and to keep recognized me. 

“Dr. Antolic, are you needing a lift?” He asked as he took down chairs for the day.

“If you could manage it, that would be wonderful.”

“Not a problem, my name is Glenn, Faith is my sister. My bike is outside, here is a helmet. Where am I taking you?”

“Saint Ann’s and Thanks.” The two of us drove off and I main it to morning prayer for the first time in a decade.

In the meantime Kansa woke up and went down to the pub asking if anyone had seen me.

“Top of the Morn to ya Mis Kansa, your husband woke up with the bells and Glenn took him down to Saint Ann’s they will be back soon. Morning prayer is a long standing tradition.” Faith told Kansa as she counted the till.

“My brother Glenn is a fan of your husband’s show. I have never seen it myself but he come highly recommended as a teacher. I am looking forward to September when classes start.

“Thank you, I am sure Tony would like to know that.” Kansa told Faith as the to of them sat down to breakfast. State side Kansa never ate breakfasts but She did not want to offend our hosts.

“You are going house hunting after church, is that corect?”

“No Faith we honor the Sabbath, however we may go for a walk and if something catches my eye, Tony will stop.” The two women laughed.

Meanwhile I got caght up with some old friends and lost track of the time, talking about Antolic Enterprises and what we do or did. I still don’t know if I will have time for much in this new chapter of our lives onces school gets started.

“So your a book publisher now?” Mike a tall slender man, who shared more than one class with me in my youth, enquired.

“Not so much. More of a jack of all trades. I was working in a lumber mill before we moved her.

” I know you.” Sad a burly man sitting in a dark corrner. “You are Dr. Antolic from Anarchy Empowered. I love that show. You are more entertaining than Anonymous.” The big man slapped me on my back.and ordered a drink for me.

“Thank you, but I really must be going. The wife and I are looking to buy a house.” 

“Yes, and I am his ride. We will be back tomorrow.”

“If you are looking to make an offer,” the big guy who called himself Jack stoped me. “My wife wants to move into the city, it is not much but you would never be gome anyway. What do you say? At least take a look.” 

I agreed and Glenn went to fetch Kansa and Faith. Faith drove us to the farm. It was run down but everything I ever wanted.

By the way Trump was right.