Three Weeks Without Food

Almost three weeks ago my pay schedule changed from weekly to biweekly. I was not prepared for this and when I learned of it, I thought I could go and apply for foodstamps. But because of my income they could not help me.

So for the past week and a half I have been without food. I have been living on scraps and Top Ronin. A man can live for 5 days without food. So I budgeted out to eat every three days.

Since then I have been paid and was able to make the adjustments needed to make my food budget stretch. Much of the problem came from my living paycheck to paycheck and not discipling myself to save. Now I save every paycheck and have been and believe I will be fine.


We are going back to our roots.

With the lack of faith in our government, Americans who are still loyal to the true spirit of the Bill of Rights, have been stocking up on munitions and guns. They have begun to follow in the footsteps of their Mormon brothers and sisters who have been instructed to prepare responsibly for the hard times. 

Antolic Enterprises was stared two years ago selling these products at the lowest prices on the net. However, when I got sick I closed down that part of our business. Well it appears that the need is still there: therefore, we are reopening this part of our business.