Bitcoin and other Cryptos may be the key to freedom.

Inflation is not more than a tax on the people that is pushed on us by opression of government. Crypto-curencies work by the agreement of the community who uses them. The value of Bitcoin for example is truly based on the rules of supply and demand.

The community published only a set amount of the Bitcoin currency and the value is based on how much of it is in circulation. Bitcoin numbers are software that clarifies transactions and make a percentage of the transaction. Basically the power of money is given back to the people and taken away from government, as it should be.

As I write this post my phone is mining for Bitcoin. In effect miners have taken over the role of government. Of course this is met with opposition from people who depend on government resources that depend on taxes. Because No one controls this web based economy no one can regulate it, meaning no government can tax it.

As more people choose this alternative currency less resources the governments of the world have to give out. This will result in a last ditch effort to raise taxes on those who are still using the governments currency and ultimately failure of government infrastructures for lack of funds.

As a result of the writing on the wall, propaganda has been put out trying to scare Bitcoin users into avoiding it all together. But the truth is people started using Bitcoin due to a lack of confidence in their own government currency. That faith is not easily earned back. In the meantime, those of us who are onboard will by sell and trade without the government’s consent.


What is our Ministry?

As I said before, Antolic Enterprises may as well be called Anarchy Empowered. The reason being that we work to educate people and inspire them to trust in their own God given gifts to make it through life instead of asking for handout from a government that wants to take of over our lives.

When I was 10 years old my family came to America for the first the to my recollection. I am an American but I spent my childhood growing up in  the European Command. My father tried to make a living as a civilian, but cooks don’t have a demand when everyone under the sun is going to culinary schools because they are promised jobs. 

Well in 1983 the market was saturated and while jobs were out there, my father made more money being paid for his rank rather than his job.

The experience opened my eyes. If you are dependant on the demands for your skill set rather than your potential, you are a slave to our culture. This is why people tend to think it is up to the government to create jobs.

I contend that if the government stopped over regulating what color you are supposed to crap, our economy well improve. I mean think about it, in America nowadays, you need a license or a degree for everything. Even a fastfood worker has to pay the state for a test that says he or she can work in the industry.

What we are here to do is inspire people to think outside the box the our culture puts you in. Is America the land of opportunity or the land of bureaucratic red tape? A few years ago I watched a homeless man get arrested for trying to sell bottled water without a business license, rather than asking for handouts. Could this be one of the reasons the panhandling is such a problem? 

Once again government regulating has put a stopper on the freemarket and impeded on a Man’s right to make a living. If the homeless man was allowed to operate his water stand he may have found other ways to generate an honest living and become a productive member of society.

To empower Anrchy is to reduce government in our lives and strengthen our economy by encouragung people to market their personal talents that God gave them. To do so would reduce the need for welfare and encourage people to become self-reliant and better educated.

The problem is that most Americans feel that they have to work for others.As a result an educator with a Masters might start out making $10.00 an hour, due to a lack of demand.

The truth about a human need for government.

The video above talks about the only true socialistic system that ever worked. It was taken out of the history books because of the fact that it had no need for government Elite or Ruling classes. This fact scars those who are in power, because their only claim to authority is the fact that the sheep think they need them.

We All Have Our Limitations, But Did You Know That You Can Turn Them Into Strengths?

My entire life I have been told that surrender is never an option. I was 7 years old when my Grandfather toook the time to teach me the most valuable leason of my life. He hung me up by a chin up bar and knowing that I was afraid of hights, he took the stool out from under my feet. Looking back I was only three or four feet off of the ground and I probably would not have been hurt if I had let go. “Grandfather, can I come down?” 

“If you come down, you will be peeling potatoes for a week!” My Grandfather used my hatred for the chore to teach me the lesson. His point was that I could come down at any time as long as I was willing to pay the price. Jesus paid our ransom from the prison of sin. He wanted me to be willing to take responsibility for what I could have control over and be willing to offer up the things I had no control over.

I had to step out of my comfortable safe space and drop to the ground to feel safe on the grownd again. Once I did that I had to watch my Grandfather back up a dump truck filled with potatoes for me to peel. But the reward for paying the price was overcoming my fear of hights while at the same time taking away my Grandfather’s favorite bargoning chip. I started to have fun with the potatoes. With every spud I got faster and I tried to beat my time a little more. What was said to take a week only took a day and a half. My Grandfather smiled and told me that he was “proud of me for learning that the best way to take on a challenge is to meet it head on.” As I said our Savior took on to price for our burdens so we are free to hit the ground running with the conference that our debt is paid.

My friends, I have been the sickest that I have in the last three mounths than I ever was in the 43 years that I have been alive. Then one day I made the decision to just stop feeling sick! Some days are better than others. But if it is time for me to meet our Father in Heaven, then I welcome the opportunity.

The Truth About Control

​Some of the most profound thinkers of human history had to come to the same conclusion, “Man has never been in control.” For a human weapon that is placed on the front-lines of a disagreement over lines on a map, the notion that he has no control over his destiny becomes all to real. I once told my wife about the tumor, we had to embrace the fact that there is so much in our lives that we do not have control over and be grateful that the one who gave us life still has the ultimate control.

No government that is created by men can have dominion over other men unless the men who they wish to enslave gives them the power to do so. Any man who is willing the submit to the elected authority of the masses rather than the will of God is guilty of worshiping false gods and is in violation of the first Commandment. “I am the Lord thy God, you shall worship no other gods before me” (Exodus, 20:3).

By allowing the stress that comes from the many things that we have no control over to be taken from us by the one who gave us life, we are free to heal both our souls and our bodies.

The one thing in a human life that can be thought to be certain is the fact that nothing is certain. The doctor was guessing when he said that I have two years to live. He can’t see what God has planned for me! So I choose to live. Our straingth as human beings comes from our awareness of self that can only be obtained by an acknowledgement of something grater than ourselves. 

One day when I was too sick to even walk straight, my wife, Kansa, called over our Home teachers, she wanted blessings for the both of us for different reasons. At the time I was struggling with my faith as much as I was with my health. During Kansa’s blessing I heard my Grandfather telling me to stay on course and the memory of his childhood lesson came to the front of my mind.

I knew that any choice I made would have consequences and I also knew that it is never enough to just believe in God for even Lucifer knows that God is real. By overcoming any reservations that I had left, I was both willing and able to open my heart and mind to what ever direction the Holy Spirt would guid me.

Nothing the Doctors were trying was working and in a few cases the treatments only made things worse.Kansa was not taking the stress well and her health was being effected as well. Something had to give.

Never Sorender

As I have said before I was raised to believe that to sorender was an act of treason and my Testimony was not growing as long as I keep that conviction. The Savior says that, “it is easier for a camel to walk through any eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to pass through the gates of Heaven” (Mathew, 19:24). Well that was me.

I wanted to be set in my ways and I did not want to give up many things. The exojesetic interpretation of the metaphor is that in the walled cities of antiquity would have one narrow gate that was just big enough for the camel to fit through. The venders were only aloud to use this gate for security reasons. But to get through the gate the vender would have to unpack the camel bring the camel through and risk the theft of his goods, only to pack up the camel again to get the the market place. It was a big deal but still possible. The gate was commonly reffered to as the needles eye.

Much like the rich man unloading his camle so he an get richer. If we are going to be able to hear the small voice that is trying to guide us, we must be willing to shut out the noises and destractions of the world. I am not perfect but I am finally after 7 years of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, I am finding that my testimony of the fullness of the restored gospel of Christ’s atonement has given me a strength that I never had before. So if to serender is a sign of weakness then out of my weakness comes my greatest strength. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, All men shall stand in agreement.