Staying Motivated

It has been over a month since I ran from the worst living situation I ever new. I am started to finally save money to get out on my own, but I am facing two problems. 

  1. Any where I go has to be on the bus line, so I can get to work.
  2. I have to have a room available to me when I have enough money saved.

These are simple issues to overcome but after not working for 8 months, my credit is destroyed and getting approval is going to be an issue. I am working as much as I can to pay off some of my creditors and make it easier to get approved. But that takes time. Credit Karma has been a God Send. Otherwise I would not know who to contact to arrange for payments.

With the cost of living in Vancouver Washington as high as it is, the only way I can afford even a one bedroom is with a roommate. So I have some obstacles to overcome. But with God’s grace I will. I am grateful for my friend Brianna and her family taking me in. But I must find my own way.

My motivation is that I need to have someone to take care of besides myself. Brianna taking me in, has inspired me to do the same with others. Brianna has brought people in to her home to help them get back on their feet, for as long as I have known her. I feel like I must do the same.

There are Oxford houses for Men and Women separately, but few places take in families. In fact a single mother can get housing far easier than if Dad is in the picture. This fact has broken up families that would have otherwise stayed together. It is my vision to help families get on their feet and even in a position where they can return the favor.

Each occupant of the house would be required to pay rent according to their income and show proof that they are saving money to find a place of their own, once a pay period. We would do this to help them to their feet.