The Myth of Adrian

Christian legend has it that Longinus was a blind Roman centurion who thrust the spear into Christ’s side at the crucifixion. Some of Jesus’s blood fell upon his eyes and he was healed. Upon this miracle Longinus believed in Jesus. Longinus was also visited the same night by an Angle of God.

The Angle Mike told Longinus that he would live to see the return of Jesus to this Earth. 2017 years later Longinus has had to go by many names and move many times, to avoid the wraff of primitive superstitions.

When my father met my mother he was going by the name Adrian. As the blood of the lamb sprayed his face, Adrian was cursed to walk the earth until Christ would return. His vision returned but with a supernatural clarity. He is able to see into the hearts of Men. He has been changed with the task of keeping the sinful nature of Man in check by drinking the blood of a dark soul. As long as Adrian walks in righteousness and never feeds on the blood of an innocent, he can walk in the daylight.
Still his offspring must choose their own path. Adrian must feed on the blood of Satan’s fallen to keep up his strength. So he is thought to be the first Vampire.

Family Is Forever


Most of my adult life, I have found myself trying to convince myself that I am doing alright. My family broke up when I was a Teenager and my first wife died. After my Dad left my Grabdfather died and that night I ran until I could not remember coming home.

My running was just a symbiotic foreshadowing of the rest of my life, at least until about seven years ago, when I met Kansa. The woman who is now my wife gave me the only life I care to remember. Before that was a collage of blurry images, with breif moments of Hell. 

They say that you are lost when you are living in sin. Well it is the truth. I was taking the most dangerous missions hopping that a bullet would find me. I was living a life of promiscuity and was addicted to both sex and pornography. To top things off I was living out of my backpack and had convinced myself that I was happy with my life of instability. Infact I would tell people that my instability was my stability.

The truth was, even when I conned my way into a Catholic Seminary, I was running because I did not know who God needed me to be. At one point I was a weapon for the highest bidder. Latter I rescued a family off of the roof of a collapsing house during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Like I said I was what ever the circumstances needed at the time. 

My time in the Legion taught me to forge whatever document I needed to con my way into a job. I even worked as a teacher for a time, but no one knew who I was, least of all me. But my wife introduced me to the man in the mirror and to Jesus. The family I never would have had without my wife change my life for the better. 

I put most of that life behind me and it is not easy making an honest living. But we make due. I tend to have a short feuse and a hot head but I am getting better.

Kansa and I don’t talk about my past but live for the future. She knows that I have skills that no honest person should ever have a chance to develope but we leave it there.

I am greatful for the gophel in my life. I would probably be dead otherwise.

Too Much Time

This weekend was way too long. We had our first snow of the season and my wife and I have been stuck at home for days. 

My job shut down for a day and a half. I slipped down some stairs and spent one night in the ER. I waked away with Three brused ribs, some loose teeth and about 16 hours of my life lost to a concussion, but this weekend I also learned some valueable leasons.

As I layed in my bed one night I begain to fill orders for Anarchy Empowered, which is one of the online magazines that I marked our products on. As I filled the orders and looked for some hard to find bullets for a friend, I begain to feel like I have done all of this before.

As I thought about it, I realized that I had, not just once but many times. The ribs had been broken several times, I had layed in this same bed contemplating life in the same manner thousands of times before. This time was different however. I took a break from what I was doing and started to design the community center that had been bouncing around in my head. I got to the windows and was taken back to my childhood. My Grandfather was remodeling the house and I asked him why the men had to take out a wall just to add a window.

My Grandfather’s explained that the wall had nothing to hold up the window. It was not what contractors call a bearing wall. He told me if they just cut a spot for the window into the drywall, without the structure to help support the drywall, the window would pull away from the wall.

In the same way we can’t break a habbit or an addiction if we don’t completely tear ourselves down to the basics and rebuild how we behave in our everyday lives. Just like the beams and trusses that framed my Grandfather’s service window in the kitchen, we need a solid foundation for our lives that will not let us pull away from the wall. For my wife and I that foundation is Christ.

Like everyone Kansa and I have hade our strugles this last year. I have been sick and my wife has also been in and out of the hospital. But our trials have brought of closer to Jesus the Chrst and through him we have gotten closer to each other.