We All Make Our Choices

Someone asked me, “how did you get out of the worst relationship of your life?” After explaining that I made a choice to potentially be homeless to get free, I also realized that it was my choices that created the position that I was in, in the first place.

We must always acknowledge our God given intellect and free will when looking back on our lives. Jojo is a mother of three. Her choice of life style currently has her homeless. New Beginnings is months away from opening the first house, otherwise I would have offered her a room.

I met Jojo on the bus the day she was released after 30 days in jail. Once again her choices had direct consequences. She blamed the man she was with at the time, but it has her choice to be with him. My choices wound up putting me out on the street if it was not the Steiners taking me in.

I was the one who brought in a roommate who never paid any rent or got on the lease. I was the one who called Darlene in the first place because I am so afraid of living alone. I didn’t consider that we never got along in the first place.

It is choices like these that have people end up being homeless. Everything we do has it’s consequences.


A Daily Struggle Has Been Faced With One More Set Back.

For a while now I have been using foodstamps to buy my food. But I realized that having the safety net has only made it so I am not as responsible for my money as I should be. God made it possible for me to have this job: therefore, I should think of the resources that come from going to work every day should be treated like a gift.

Over the past few weeks I have not had food to eat, at least not more than scraps. I was relieved at the end of the month because my food stamps would finally put food on my plate. But the day came and went that the money would have been put on my EBT or SNAP card and nothing was added. I was screwed!

I had already put all of my money into bills and was counting on the money that I was stealing from the American tax payer to get me through till the next paycheck. “OMG, what am I going to do now?”

“The Enemy at the Gate,” is not popular enough yet to generate an income and the company blog has not been monetized yet, what’s next? I work full-time and have a steady stream of income, but I have not made good choices with my money. At first I was going to call and find out why I was cut off, but I knew why.

I had not told the foodstamps people that I finally got a job. I guess I wanted to get on my feet before they took the benefit away. But I never took the chance to improve my financial position.

A few months ago I left a terrible living situation and was taken in by the Steiners, who own and operate Edumacated Redneck Repair out of their home, who’s primary work comes from Dog Paws.

Dog Paws is a non-profit organization that maintains many of the off leash dog parks in the in the Vancouver Washington area. The Steiners gave me work with Dog Paws when I was looking for a full time job. Like I said I have had opportunity to do better but I had to make the choice to do so.

There are many companies in Vancouver Washington that are willing to help people start over. I am currently working for Smak Plastics. This locally owned factory opens its doors to anyone who is willing to come to work every day.

I walk home from work every day only this time I listed to Stephan’s podcast. Anyway It is 2:00 AM and I need to get some sleep. I have until Thursday to wonder where my food is coming from. This is one of the reasons that I want to start New Beginnings.

Staying Motivated

It has been over a month since I ran from the worst living situation I ever new. I am started to finally save money to get out on my own, but I am facing two problems. 

  1. Any where I go has to be on the bus line, so I can get to work.
  2. I have to have a room available to me when I have enough money saved.

These are simple issues to overcome but after not working for 8 months, my credit is destroyed and getting approval is going to be an issue. I am working as much as I can to pay off some of my creditors and make it easier to get approved. But that takes time. Credit Karma has been a God Send. Otherwise I would not know who to contact to arrange for payments.

With the cost of living in Vancouver Washington as high as it is, the only way I can afford even a one bedroom is with a roommate. So I have some obstacles to overcome. But with God’s grace I will. I am grateful for my friend Brianna and her family taking me in. But I must find my own way.

My motivation is that I need to have someone to take care of besides myself. Brianna taking me in, has inspired me to do the same with others. Brianna has brought people in to her home to help them get back on their feet, for as long as I have known her. I feel like I must do the same.

There are Oxford houses for Men and Women separately, but few places take in families. In fact a single mother can get housing far easier than if Dad is in the picture. This fact has broken up families that would have otherwise stayed together. It is my vision to help families get on their feet and even in a position where they can return the favor.

Each occupant of the house would be required to pay rent according to their income and show proof that they are saving money to find a place of their own, once a pay period. We would do this to help them to their feet.

Let Me Do Your Illustration Work For You.

Thumb Tack is only one tool that we use to market our services. The illustrated work you see on this blog is all done by yours truly and hopefully others who I work with. We extend our skills in video production and editting as well as graphics and illustration to the public. In an effort to help our youth turn their lives around.

We charge a low rate because our services are a part of our ministry and the people doing the work may not yet have the experience to justify the cost.

The illustrated work on this blog is all mine, at least up to this point. This way you have a good idea of what I am capable of as both an artist and a teacher.

Just to give you an example. Futhermore: the first two minutes of the Anarchy Empowered Videos was animated by my team of novices and myself.


Here are the submission requirements.

Our Slum Lord is Raising Our Rent Again. But We Don’t Care!

With mold blossoming from every nook and cranny, our health has gone down hill. I have the chance of the life time to change our outlook. I was so excited to hear that Trinity College of Theology was willing to pay for two round trip tickets, so Kansa could come with me this weekend for my interview.

This is a dream come true from Kansa, who has never been out of the country. But then reality set in. I started to think about all of the living expenses that whould come with moving to ierland. The college may put us up for a bit but what about medical? Both Kansa and I have major things that must be dealt with. 

Is it fear of such a major change or is it that we don’t have the money to make the move? LWO, where I work is paying me less than an Express Temp is making working for them. I could not believe that after a year my wage is the same as when I was working for Express but now the temps are making more than I am.

Kansa just pulled a letter from the property management services that handels our appartment and they are raising the rent another $65.00 for a mold infested appartment that gave me assma. 

Needless to say we need to move but only God knows how. Ierland doesn’t have the universal healthcare that the Liberal Ignorance seems to want. So Healthcare would not be available right away. For now I am just weighing options.

Kansa and I bought some land in Oklahoma, before we got married. We never thought it would be worth anything, but an oil company leased it from us. As as result I was able to quite my job and we are now moving out of our appartment.

There is no telling what kind of damamage the mould that Key Properties refuses to fix. Has done to our health in the long term. Yet they raised our rent twice in six months right after we signed a year long lease that has not been honored on their part, after all it is the land lord’s responsibility to maintain a safe living environment for the tenants.

At any rate, Kansa and I arived at Shannon at 4:15 this morning.  Trinity College sent a driver for us and she look us to the Hotel.

“Dr. Antolic I presume?” The young woman seemed surprised that my wife was with me.

“Yes and this is my lovely wife, Kansa.”

“It is a plesure to meet you both. My name is Faith and I will be one of your students. I came to retreive you and take you to the school.”

Kansa whspered in my ear, “I thought this was just a job interview?”

“Faith?” I inquired.

 “Yes Professor?”

“You are aware that I am just here for a job interview?” The girl laughed.

“My dear Proffessor, you are a card. You name is already printed on the syllabus for next term. Besides, Trinity payed for this trip, did they not? I look forward to studying under you Dr. Antolic. Few have a reputation such as yours in the feild of Occult studies.”

As we picked up our bags my wife and were thinking is this really happening. Only a few days ago I was driving a forklift at a lumber yard. I new from my book sales that people were seeing me as a creadable expert but this is happening so fast.

After about an hour long drive we got put up in the room we would stay in for the night and Faith drove us back in to town so I could talk to the Board of Faculty.

Sure enough Faith was right. After the introductions they only thing they wanted to dicuss was wages. After all this time the Ph. D at the end of my name means something. 

Well Kansa and I are both Jet lagged and we are going to go back to our room and sleep it off. Tomorrow we are going to start looking for some farm land. Like Justin said this is the start of a new life for us. 

Please note: If you live in Vancouver Washington, try and avoid renting from Key Property Management Services. You would be doing yourselves a fovor.

Tax Day At The Library

Last year and every year before, Kansa and I have been ripped off by crooked accounting firms and so-called Tax professionals. Today we tried something new, just as A.E. has under gone a lot of major changes as a company, from dropping the sales of outdoor gear in favor of focusing on our education ministry to starting to sell the books of independent Christian authors, Kansa and I have also had to under go our own metamorphosis as individuals.

God and faith have and always will be the center of our work. When I got sick we had to look at ways to remove overhead and still stay operational. The accountants who volunteered to help people file their unconstitutional taxes report to help them comply with liberal oppression, were swamped: so Kansa and I filed on online. I must say it never fails to amaze me how scared the new Rome has her citizens. Most people do know that the instatement of income taxation has always been a contradiction to the vision of our founding fathers, yet they do it out of fear of the consequences.

This compliant attiude will send America into the deepest reaches of Hell and the Devil already knows the names of every lazy liberal scum who ever will walk the Earth, after all, they were the third of Heaven’s host who joined Lucifer in his insurrection.

Needless to say we ran out of time and we decided to go home and finish the senseless task of giving the government a justifiable reason not to fire some worthless bureaucrat. It never made any sense to me that the government already has the information they request during this time of year because our employers send them the data every quarter: so why are we still require to give them the same information? It must be to justify the salary of a group of paper pushers. 

At any rate Jesus told his disciples to “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s”(Mark 12:17), most theologians who sold out to the established athority of their day would tell you that he meant pay your taxes and abide by the law. However, is under a week after he said this Rome put him on a cross.

The events after Jesus had been put in the tumb would set the universe in motion and in less than 30 years Rome had a new religion that would lead to her ultimate down fall. Now think about what Christ meant when he said “render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s!” 

We must remember that the Jewish culture was never peaceful. In fact when you read about Jesus saying turn the other cheek, you may want to remember that the slap in the face even today is meant to be a challenge. Jesus never said just walk away, in fact he say that you must look your enemy in the eye again to offer him the other cheek. In other verses he is reported to say that if a man steels from you offer the rest to him.

If you remember in the Old Testament a common Jewish strategy was to invite the enemy to a party held in his honor and while his soldiers were drunk the enemy would be slane. We must look at the culture in which the scriptures were written in order to get to correct picture. You see turn the other cheek nowadays means be spineless and just let your enemy walk on you. But jesus was truely telling his followers to let the first one go but let him know that the next one would not be free. 

Liberals steel from the working class because most will let it happen in the name of government enforced theft disguised as charity. When in truth if more Christians knew what was truely being said in the book that they hold so dear, liberals would never get away with any of the stuff that happens today. 

I Finally Get To Defend My Thesis.

Please note: if you wish to fallow the dissertation process come back to this link. It will be updated with new video to answer questions as they come.

The separation of church and state or rather the infinitely bad misinterpretation of the First Amendment, helped inspire my Doctoral thesis titled “With God We Prosper, and Without Him We Fail!!!”. Trinity College of Theology in Dublin Ierland has agreed to let me defend this thesis with the internet. This is my first set of questions.

My first questions have been recieved well and only two days from Christmas I have two more questions to answer. I have more to answer but I only have 16 gigs to store video and upload, so I have to keep them small.

I love the idea of finishing my degree, but after all of these years what would I do with it? Who would take me seriously? 

In the time of my studies, I have surved to protect my country, lost my first wife, dicerned a vocation as a Roman Cathic Priest, and gotten remarried to a wonderful woman. I converted to the Mormon faith tradition before I met my wife, Kansa because of the reasons given in my dissertation. It may also be interesting to note that  I have even survived a bout with cancer, at least up to this point. Should the reveiw board award me with my degree, I would like to go to work for the FBI as an analyst.

In the meantime, I enjoy my job working in a warehouse in Portland with three other guys. I work a part-time job on the side to make ends meat and every one around me is concerned about my pushing too hard. 

They don’t need to worrie. I do let my self wide down. I paint to blow off steam.

My latest book, “From Hell To Eternity,” will be on the market tomorrow. It is the first part of a two part series call, “Endure To Live”. As you can see my mind and body are always going. After all Saint Paul tells us in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10; “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat,” what this verse means to me is that accepting government assistance at all is a sin. Those who choose not to work should not be given charity for they are merly parasites on society and should be aloud to stsrve if they don’t wish to contribute, thus the words “should not eat.” Just incase you were woundering, I am always tiered. I sleep two hours every night. No more than that and I put in 22 hour work days. I also hold everyone around me to the same standards.

Here are the answers to the second questions…

I fund my studies buy selling millitary surplus to those who would appreciate it. I have never asked for any grants or loans that I could not pay off.

The review board had one more question for me,”why did you leave the Catholic church?” This video was my answer. I hope they don’t take my answer personally.

Below is the full video

We All Have Our Limitations, But Did You Know That You Can Turn Them Into Strengths?

My entire life I have been told that surrender is never an option. I was 7 years old when my Grandfather toook the time to teach me the most valuable leason of my life. He hung me up by a chin up bar and knowing that I was afraid of hights, he took the stool out from under my feet. Looking back I was only three or four feet off of the ground and I probably would not have been hurt if I had let go. “Grandfather, can I come down?” 

“If you come down, you will be peeling potatoes for a week!” My Grandfather used my hatred for the chore to teach me the lesson. His point was that I could come down at any time as long as I was willing to pay the price. Jesus paid our ransom from the prison of sin. He wanted me to be willing to take responsibility for what I could have control over and be willing to offer up the things I had no control over.

I had to step out of my comfortable safe space and drop to the ground to feel safe on the grownd again. Once I did that I had to watch my Grandfather back up a dump truck filled with potatoes for me to peel. But the reward for paying the price was overcoming my fear of hights while at the same time taking away my Grandfather’s favorite bargoning chip. I started to have fun with the potatoes. With every spud I got faster and I tried to beat my time a little more. What was said to take a week only took a day and a half. My Grandfather smiled and told me that he was “proud of me for learning that the best way to take on a challenge is to meet it head on.” As I said our Savior took on to price for our burdens so we are free to hit the ground running with the conference that our debt is paid.

My friends, I have been the sickest that I have in the last three mounths than I ever was in the 43 years that I have been alive. Then one day I made the decision to just stop feeling sick! Some days are better than others. But if it is time for me to meet our Father in Heaven, then I welcome the opportunity.

The Truth About Control

​Some of the most profound thinkers of human history had to come to the same conclusion, “Man has never been in control.” For a human weapon that is placed on the front-lines of a disagreement over lines on a map, the notion that he has no control over his destiny becomes all to real. I once told my wife about the tumor, we had to embrace the fact that there is so much in our lives that we do not have control over and be grateful that the one who gave us life still has the ultimate control.

No government that is created by men can have dominion over other men unless the men who they wish to enslave gives them the power to do so. Any man who is willing the submit to the elected authority of the masses rather than the will of God is guilty of worshiping false gods and is in violation of the first Commandment. “I am the Lord thy God, you shall worship no other gods before me” (Exodus, 20:3).

By allowing the stress that comes from the many things that we have no control over to be taken from us by the one who gave us life, we are free to heal both our souls and our bodies.

The one thing in a human life that can be thought to be certain is the fact that nothing is certain. The doctor was guessing when he said that I have two years to live. He can’t see what God has planned for me! So I choose to live. Our straingth as human beings comes from our awareness of self that can only be obtained by an acknowledgement of something grater than ourselves. 

One day when I was too sick to even walk straight, my wife, Kansa, called over our Home teachers, she wanted blessings for the both of us for different reasons. At the time I was struggling with my faith as much as I was with my health. During Kansa’s blessing I heard my Grandfather telling me to stay on course and the memory of his childhood lesson came to the front of my mind.

I knew that any choice I made would have consequences and I also knew that it is never enough to just believe in God for even Lucifer knows that God is real. By overcoming any reservations that I had left, I was both willing and able to open my heart and mind to what ever direction the Holy Spirt would guid me.

Nothing the Doctors were trying was working and in a few cases the treatments only made things worse.Kansa was not taking the stress well and her health was being effected as well. Something had to give.

Never Sorender

As I have said before I was raised to believe that to sorender was an act of treason and my Testimony was not growing as long as I keep that conviction. The Savior says that, “it is easier for a camel to walk through any eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to pass through the gates of Heaven” (Mathew, 19:24). Well that was me.

I wanted to be set in my ways and I did not want to give up many things. The exojesetic interpretation of the metaphor is that in the walled cities of antiquity would have one narrow gate that was just big enough for the camel to fit through. The venders were only aloud to use this gate for security reasons. But to get through the gate the vender would have to unpack the camel bring the camel through and risk the theft of his goods, only to pack up the camel again to get the the market place. It was a big deal but still possible. The gate was commonly reffered to as the needles eye.

Much like the rich man unloading his camle so he an get richer. If we are going to be able to hear the small voice that is trying to guide us, we must be willing to shut out the noises and destractions of the world. I am not perfect but I am finally after 7 years of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, I am finding that my testimony of the fullness of the restored gospel of Christ’s atonement has given me a strength that I never had before. So if to serender is a sign of weakness then out of my weakness comes my greatest strength. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, All men shall stand in agreement.