The Hospital Back Home Got Her Sick.

After about a week of Kansa being locked up in the prison they call a hospital, I started to ask myself why Kansa gets sick around both Christmas and Easter? Then I remebered that her meds were charged. 

I went back into my journal and found a trend that was unmistakable. 

  • November 15, 2010 Doctor changed meds for sleeping.
  • December 10, 2010 Kansa goes into hospital.
  • March 1, 2011 Doctor changes sleeping Meds.
  • March 10, 2011 Kansa ends up in hospital with suicidal thoughts.
  • December 3, 2011 Doct changes meds.

You can guess whst happened next. Seven years latter and the same patern is seen. It is as if the doctors were contracted to kill my wife the same way they killed my grandfather. I don’t know what to do other than stay on the Isle of Apples.

Avalon is the most beautiful of the islands ans I have always thought of her as home. Kansa would not understand why we could not go back to see her family but my families history may have put a price on her head. Here on the Isle of Apples she should be safe.

After all no council member would dream of breaking the treaty of Dann. This is sacred gound where no blood can be spilt in anger. I do pitty the fool who would ever break a covenant mad with the gods of pur fathers.

Christians dismiss and even mock the faith of the ancient religions, yet the Egyptians had 100% success rate winning the fight against cancer.

Mock me all you want, but I believe in the Tuath Dé.


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I am so tired.


We were up all night, my wife and i. She listened to her music as she paced the hard wood floor of our old farm house. At first i thaught it was jetlag, we had been traveling a bit over the passed month. But this will be our last hop for a while. It is funny to me that Kansa’a family thinks she has an accent now. I think they do. At any rate Kansa started to show signs of depression.
“Not now!” I thought, we don’t even have medical insurance yet. Never the less I had to call Faith, a student at Trenity who is working her way through school as my assigned driver. She lives just down the road, so she took now time to get here.

There was a knock on the door. “Professor Antolic! Its Faith. The service said you needed a hospital?”

“Yes, it’s Kansa! Thank you for being so quick.”

“Not an issue Professor. Welcome back home.” Faith helped me pick up my wife and put her in the car. “We will take her to Saint James. But you look beat, I will stay with her. Take the care and go home.”

When we got to the hospital I saw Glenn. “Professor, your back! Welcome. Thanks for your help on that thing a little bit ago. We were able to close the case with some help from what you gave us.”

“I am glad to her it.” I said as I greated him with a hand shake.
“You look beat Proff, let’s finish our business here and I’ll take you home. You should not be driving and you know it.” Glenn took Faith’s keys from me and gave them back to her. “That is why the school hired my sister.” Faith chuckled under her breath.

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We don’t always get a free ride.

Every winter a family of rats has to work extra hard to find food. The humans lock down the lids on their garbage cans. But the Raccoons can open the lids with no problem but they don’t like to share. So the Rat family would wait for the left overs or some times they would find ways to make enough noise to wake up the humans and scare off the Raccoon family. After the humans checked out the disturbances and when to the humans went back to bed the Rat family would get the food they need to servive.

The rats know that they can’t stand toe to toe with the physically superior raccoon and live to tell the tail, so they out think the Raccoons. 

The last half of 2016 was extremely hard for my wife and I. I was diagnosed with Unilateral adult malignant optic nerve glioma. For all who don”t know this is a condition that tends to be fatal for the patent. In the best case sonario the patent goes blind in an average of two years. Gor an artist like me, that is more vexing than death. For those who don’t know, I do all of the illustrations for my books and blogs.

My breathing has become dificult and for a time I was having caughing fits that caused me to vomit uncontrollably. The constant vomiting and empty stomach caused ulcers that translated to my vomiting blood because that was all that was in my stomach. I would not even wish this kind of pain on a Democratic Socialist Liberal piece of s*** scum who probably deserves it. Trust me, it hurt and Kansa was having to watch me starve to death.

She held it together until I was out of the woods, than she fell apart and hand a mental breakdown. Between the two of us we only worked 6 months last year. Hear is to the Hope and Prayer that things will be better this year.

I think I dodged a bullet regarding the tumor but I still have a fear of the beast waking up again. I have not voiced this to Kansa but the fear is always with me. I was invited to a cancer support group that is sponsored by the V.F.W. in Portland every Friday at 13:30 hours. I went today and this old man stood up and told his story. Wow how it hit home. 

It had may as well been me standing up there. “The DOD took over 40 years to admit the A-bomb test had been linked to my Leukemia or that my children mite have been born with defects, due to the radiation I was exposed to. But they did.” The old man said in a soft polite voice. “My cancer has been it and out of remituon 6 times. It is back, only this time I don’t have the strengh to fight.” 

The room was quiet as the old man struggled to fight a loosing battle with his tears and still gather his thaughts. 

“I don’t know how long I will still be coming to these groups, but I need you to know that the doctors I worked with did all that they could to improve my quality of life. I was able to raise three wonderful children and spend time with my family. The DOD doesn’t always, if ever do right by those of us who servered, but the support that I received from the American public helped me stay alive while our slimy political figures tried to hide the fact that they killed thousands of American soldiers just to test a bomb that would never be used. I want to thank all of you for your services and ask you to keep supporting eachother. Thank you.”

I left after the old man sat down so I could get back home and put a lasagna in the oven, so it would be done by the time Kansa gets home. If I have to fught like the old man did than let it bet so my wife understands how much I lover her.