The Enemy at the Gate

This outline is to give a summary of Enemy at the Gate.

Bail Tempist has out lived all of his friends and family, he has out went by many names over the centuries. Such is the way of things when you are never going to die. Now he wants to join all that have passed on.

Desperate to break the curse the has kept him alive for 2000 years he seek the help of Sonya White, a witch from New Orleans. Once Bail finds out that Sonya plans to steal his life force to gain immortality, he fears what she would use it for and for his own salvation.

Protagonist Bail Tempist

Bail is a Vampire who has also called himself Adrian. In fact he is the first of the Vampire. Bail was cursed to walk the ever after driving a spire through Christ’s side.

Unlike most vampire that you here about, Bail can walk in the sunlight. This character is the protagonist of the functional novel, “the Enemy at the Gate,” Which is my current project.

Bail is based of every positive influence I had or have in my life